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Ofcourse /cast !Deterrence wouldn't work. That makes you able to cast it while it is casting. Think spells that has channeling. If you use Eagle Eye for example you can chain cast it with /cast !Eagle Eye because it lets to place a new Eagle Eye while in the previous one
!'s function is better described as disabling "toggling" of abilities, as in just "/cast Eagle Eye" would "disable" an active eagle eye, and "/cast !Eagle Eye" would re-enable it without disabling it. Doesn't only apply to channeled spells. As with the popular PvP macros of the cataclysm era "/cast !Aspect of the ______", they would simply re-cast the aspect over itself instead of toggling it.

All that said and with that concept in mind, no, it doesn't really seem logical to think that /cast !Deterrence would help here, but you never know. Sometimes things function strange, especially if they are new. But obv. we've got past the fact that it doesn't help.

Hopefully spam protection is baked into it as it wouldn't really make sense not to do it. I am aware of the datamined 0.8 second "cooldown" but you never know the intentions until it is actually live on the PTR. We will see - and if it for whatever reason doesn't make it, the castsequence should work just fine.