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    What to upgrade next?

    Hey guys, so I'm not sure if this against the forum rules to ask for character help (couldn't find it in the stickies) but here it is, my 60 monk (currently solo farming MP4-5 without problems) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/C...80/hero/949823

    I'm comfortable with ~500 res all, but I'd like to do MAJOR improvements to my dps. I'd like to be at ~120k, and more if possible. Buffed, I sit at ~68k dps, and ~117k with binding flash (idk why its so high lol, its supposed to be only 30% increase). I've also been having vitality issues, hence why my two weapons have a truckload of vit on it. Im a poison monk (hence the helm), so any legend./rares with that res on it are welcome.

    So what should I get next? If you say an item, please say what kind of stats I should be looking at on it, so I don't get lost. Also, I have a budget of ~200m and have access to RMAH. It baffles me to see monks with 300k dps as all the upgrades I've been getting yield a max of ~2k dps each.


    EDIT: Ive seen a lot of people flippin' turd over Inna's chest, but it yields a mere ~800 dps upgrade over mine for a 100m piece, another 1200 HP and a loss in resistance...really worth it? Am I missing something?
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    Neither of your weapons have a socket. A socket gives you some serious crit damage.

    The best damage boosts usually come from Crit Chance and Crit Damage along with attack speed.

    You are running dual life steal which is good so see what you can find with a socket. It might get too expensive though.

    The gloves you have are pretty weak. I would take 8 Crit Chance, and Attack speed on gloves along with at least 2 of dex vit poison res.

    You should get inna's temperance for your pants. Prob find some with poison resist for a cheap price.

    Then you could try for the 130 dex bonus with either an Innas Radiance Helm (Andariels will give you life issues with fire) or Inna's vast expanse chest.

    I would abandon the Blackthorne set and look for vit on other pieces. Then you can get an Ammy with Crit chance 8+ and crit damage and/or life on hit.

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