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    celestial blessings/low gear

    So after spending nigh on 4k on pots,flasks food and repairs I finally got my darned cloak at 520 ilevel was tough ..almost made me rage quit but hell it felt good when I got it..I think neighbors 2 streets away heard me yelling ;-p

    what did I do?..I brought a shammy and a druid to sit just outside the phased area to buff me with earth shield and motw before each attempt..I macro'd all my def and off into 2 buttons to prevent panic when he would spawn all his attacks at once pre potted virmens bite..not the usual but I did use bos and st on the adds I think its mainly down to rng as I had over way too many attempts where the second he was attacked he would chain through all his attacks and blobs at once the attempt where I managed to down him he didn't spawn the bloods till he was under 40% hp and with all defenses popped and earth shield I wasnt instagibbed like previous attempts where they spawned at the very start of the fight

    so..share your experiences getting the cloak as a rogue and any hints and tips for others trying like a mofo to get this done ;-p..wish I had frapsed it now tbh but there are a few diff approach guides on youtube

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    just go with crippling poison, and fok the adds, jut keep moving around and avoid his aoe, the rng is in his copies, just make sure you have recup running, you can also interupt his fire aoe on the ground. it's a challenge, but not super hard, tho its super hard compared to a healer and tank challenge

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    Congratz ,but honestly i didnt see what was so difficult about it.Did it with 530 ilevel 2 shot and i died the first time cause i stood in the fire

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    The gear makes a lot of difference. I one shot it at about 530ilvl and didn't even notice he was meant to be hard. Then I did it again on a character with 515ish ilvl with bad daggers and I had to spend like 1 hour on it. I ended up kiting everything with fok + crippling, but energy for these foks (and then still doing some damage to wrathion) was an issue here and there.

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    as said above the ilevel makes a huge difference..at 530 even tho only 10 diff is a big gap and makes it a lot easier ..but it is rng as i said it took me a lot of attempts with him instant spawning the adds on first attack..on my win attempt i managed to kill him before he had a chance to summon mirrors ..as the title states low gear..coming in and saying i 2 shot it with 530 isnt really that helpfull..was meant for people that did it in 520<< to share what they did and maybe help others

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    easiest way is to play combat and cleave the adds down while you stunlock him to death.

    520 or 530 is huge difference. tbh the only hard Part are the adds and looks like they getting nerfed now

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    I did it on the second try as an Assassination Rogue ilvl 515, with Leeching poisons.

    Didn't have much problems, I did it on the second try because I didn't know this fight.
    It's challenging but not as hard as some people are talking.

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    Did it within 5 tries at ilvl 517 as Combat. Was easier than I thought it was going to be, the way everyone made it sound.
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    Was like the easiest thing ive done in a while, one shot, but I did it as Healer tho. Havent tried the dps version but is it really that much of difference between them?

    Edit: Didnt notice this was posted in Rogue forum lol, sorry

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    2 words: crippling poison - this became laughably easy with crippling poison and shurieken toss...

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    Did it first go with no knowledge of the fight, I seriously don't see why people struggle on it, maybe it's a L2P/knowledge of class issue

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    In melee challenge Rogues need to know only some things:

    • Wrathion has ~31M health. Deal as much dmg as you can. Use bursts in trinket procs.
    • Always stay behind him to deal more dmg and avoid all his casts. He jumps to your position and begin to cast a 180 degree frontal arc that hits for over 200k. He does this all throughout the fight. He does not melee attack.
    • Self healing abilities really help during this fight. Leeching poison is recommended.
    • He will summon one set of red oozes shortly into this first phase which you must kite or dispose of from range or very quickly in melee. They hit very hard and move fairly fast. Just interrupt this cast.
    • He will also summon pools under your feet at regular intervals. Avoid all.

    If you have some problems with melee challenge - watch this video made by Rogue:


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    Was the melee one seriously that hard? Going by the post above me, it sounds like its the same exact mechanics.

    I did the RDPS one first try at ~525 ilvl without flasks/pots/etc. All I had to to was run around in a circle. I'm jealous. I was looking forward to how challenging everyone made it sound.

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    One shot at 540~

    Kidney on his first swipe and after vendetta was down he was almost dead, never spawned any bloods. Just like brawler's guild, gear dumbs things down a lot >

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    I failed a few times at ilvl 532ish then realized leeching poison poison+dmg mod=win put it on almost died on oozes while burning them went back on him and got full health in under 3 seconds had a single LP tick for 90k.

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