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    A question about separate raid frames, 5/10/25/40

    Is there any addon that has raid frames that allow you to configure multiple frames for different types of groups.

    I know Elv Ui has an option where you can have a separate window for 10 man raids, a separate window for 25 and one for 40.

    I like this because I can position the frames on my screen depending on what kind of raid Im in.

    I am trying to get away from Elv UI, so just wondering if there is any other addon that can do this. Thanks

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    Vuhdo have the same possibility.

    You can make different profiles based on members in the raid group, with autodetecting and setting the right set of raid frames.

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    Blizzard's frames have this functionality

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    Thanks, i down loaded vuhdo and I have made a similar raid frame to Elv UI, now just to test it

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