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    Quote Originally Posted by Serendippity View Post
    Any glyph that lets us look different in shapeshift form would be welcome. Although I would sooner see some kind of animal-form learning mechanic implemented into the game. Much how hunters capture new pets, we could learn new skins.
    wolf or raptor instead of cat form? (cause why would would a were-wolf turn into a cat when it's already a wolf?)
    or Bull form instead of bear form

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    It'd be good if they had a customization UI where you have all your spells + some extra (forms, etc) listed with several options you can select for each spell/form. All old GFX, additions to base visual effect that you can activate one-by-one, etc. There are lots of visuals already in game that could be quickly integrated into it and it would make people of same class and spec look different in fight. 3 glyphs max for ALL differences amongst all your visuals is just not enough.

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