View Poll Results: What race will be the most popular when the model update hits live ?

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  • Draenei

    10 4.33%
  • Blood Elf

    35 15.15%
  • Dwarf

    12 5.19%
  • Orc

    41 17.75%
  • Gnome

    8 3.46%
  • Tauren

    15 6.49%
  • Human

    46 19.91%
  • Troll

    9 3.90%
  • Night Elf

    33 14.29%
  • Undead

    22 9.52%
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    Question Race popularity when the model is updated ?

    Hello,most of us think and hope that the next expansion will update the classic and burning crusade race models.

    What races do you think will be the most popular ?
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    Kinda hard to say before actually seeing the new models.

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    Night elves, Forsaken, humans, and blood elves. Assuming they do a good job.

    NEs in particular have the potential to be amazing.
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    I'm wondering, if they add an option to hide bones on the Forsaken, if that will raise or lower the popularity? I enjoy undead characters a lot, but don't really care for them all having half exposed skeletons except for the oh so necrophilia inducing Sylvanas and her Dark Rangers.

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    night elves and forsaken
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    It won't change that much I think. Humans look very ugly, but are still most popular on Alliance. I'd like to think the number of Dwarves and such would go up, but I don't think it'll change too much. Same for Horde. People will still want their pretty elves, even with orcs looking great. But hey, it'll maybe promote alts

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    How im supposed to answer that question when we didnt even see previews yet? Telepathy? Nevertheless , based on how many people recechanged to pandamans after MoP launched, numbers not going to change dramaticaly from what they currently are unless Blizz will hand out free race change together with new models.

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    Hmm.. lots of the elves voted for. Was gonna say Belf, but really they don't need as much improvement as some of the others. In terms of new found attention with hopefully a great new look, thinking maybe the humans.

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    I'd say humans/nelves/undead. I think they said they'd be doing BC races last so I'm expecting they won't be included with the first wave of updates.
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    Blood elves because they're the only "pretty" Horde race. On the Alliance probably Human.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesftw View Post
    How im supposed to answer that question when we didnt even see previews yet? Telepathy? Nevertheless , based on how many people recechanged to pandamans after MoP launched, numbers not going to change dramaticaly from what they currently are unless Blizz will hand out free race change together with new models.
    Actually, you can just look at some of the newer models they've put in game recently to get an idea what new character models could look like and how much detail they will have. Not solid evidence or anything of course. Queen Azshara and Tyrande in the Well of Eternity are just two examples that spring to mind. The new garrosh model also has quite a lot of detail.

    As for people race changing to Pandaren, seemed like quite a lot did (sadly...).

    I don't personally think it will change anything. People play Races for many different reasons. Some for racials, specific classes or because they like the look of them. Chances are if they like the old look, they'll be just as happy with the enhanced updated model.

    That said, i actually wonder if we will ever see these updated models. Seems like they could have done it by now.
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    How should we know if models haven't even been shown yet?

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    Humans or Night Elves, the ratio of Blood Elves would probably drop just because old races might look pretty once they look less boxy and blurry.

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    Humans alliance side, Trolls horde side.

    Females of both of those races look terrible, males aren't quite so bad although male humans are waaaay too muscular for my liking, doubt that will get changed though.

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    All my chars will go Blood Elf if they change the animations too. Just changed to Pandaren with MoP b/c of double food gain.

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    It will still depend on the reasons people chose certain races in the first place, before the changes.

    I imagine humans to still be a large part of the population due to EMFH and it's effectiveness in PVP, much in the same way Orcs and trolls make up a large part of the PVE population due to Bloodfury and Berserking respectively.
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    Humans are very popular in most games by default. Add to that a model that actually looks good and it would be the most popular in my opinion.

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    I'd make some nelves, undead and humans. Now to just get out of the bored of the game phase first. :|

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    As far as contrast to the old models, most of the vanilla races will probably look more 'attractive' as an upgrade. Blood Elves and Draenei are going to be a 'smaller' jump, but not by much, they still use most of the same design qualities as the vanilla characters. Tauren are interesting to me, because they have the potential to have more than just 'more textures' since it looks like they're doing actual 'capturing' for the faces(Garrosh for example having a bunch of facial capture done). Their faces, as well of those of trolls, are 'non-standard' to the 'humanoid look', so I wonder how that will look. I think as far as potential, Tauren can look absolutely amazing compared to what they are now, or they can look like they just added more 'pixels'.

    On the other hand, human's are a no brainer(we've seen plenty of 'high res' humans in late Wrath, Cata, and MoP), and seeing as how the average player finds them 'disgusting'(not I, but most do), with Male humans often having facial hair to hide their 'hideousness', lol. It might also be since Humans look more...down to earth, you know...since their humans, and with Orcs or Trolls, you're like "oh cool, look, tusks!" or with the Elves "OOOH, GLOWY EYES", but humans don't really look special, and as such, takes more to impress. If they do a really good job on making humans look unique, and honestly quite epic, then I'd say humans all the way, even though I don't play any, XD.

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