View Poll Results: What will keep you playing?

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  • More content overall

    79 37.62%
  • More PvP content

    32 15.24%
  • More PvE content

    104 49.52%
  • More balance

    30 14.29%
  • Class changes

    42 20.00%
  • A new course for the game development

    58 27.62%
  • More frequent patches

    55 26.19%
  • Nothing. I stopped for good (explain in reply why)

    25 11.90%
  • Other (explain in reply what or which)

    47 22.38%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Dance studio? Lol seriously, as long as they keep putting out interesting and new content that's what will keep people coming. And yes, it really is time they do some character model revamps

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    A revamp for the hunter class, my guild/friends, and new exciting features.

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    Dance Studio would do wonders
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    I haven't played since my guild failed miserably on Horridon 10N. We hit a roadblock on 10m raiding honestly after Wrath where we did very well. If they go back to the wrath model of raiding where PUG's actually happened and got rid of shared lockouts. I would then play the game again, as it stands right now MOP is just a lame expansion overall with no real villain or anything to strive for. If the next expansion is legion based I may come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeryana View Post
    Agreed. Tried Rift, SWTOR, GW2, and the Secret World and none of them really appealed to me like WoW does -- except the Secret World... and then my group broke up to all go play GW2. fml
    I bought and played TSW for 3 months after the initial release, then MOP came out. I am so mad at myself for going back to WOW to play MOP and not sticking with TSW. I recently got back into it and am having more fun doing missions than I ever could doing WOW quests.

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    I've quit atm and I don't see myself playing for the next couple of years since I'm excited for TESO unless they make a major overhaul or a new course of game developement and generally more interesting content overall. Also, if my friends come back and play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    Just keep doing what they are doing will keep me playing.
    Agreed with this. MoP has been absolutely fantastic overall.

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    voted other: My wife and I currently play the game together however she is starting to get tired of the game. We've been running guilds together since before we were married and she's getting tired of the revolving door of our raid groups. Neither of us want to get back into mega-guild territory (we at one time ran a guild of 430+ characters with near 300 accounts during early Wrath).

    I still like the game and will take the content as it comes, unless Bliz moves to a more PvP focused model, however if she decides to quit I will as well so we can do something else together.

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    Nothing, I stopped for good.

    Terrible community probably tops the list along with finding it more frustrating than fun the last few months I played. Plus I found a better game
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    Something not on the list is a reduction in the # of abilities players can use. I know many people LOVE having a ton of abilities to make classes entertaining with dozens of spells, but I personally prefer having a smaller number of abilities.

    The past few years, I've spent my time playing League of Legends, Diablo, Smite, etc. One aspect I really enjoy about these games is the limited # of abilities at my disposal. LoL has 6 total abilities (4 champion abilities, 2 summoner abilities). Diablo has 6. Smite has 6. (This doesn't include things such as activated items and consumables, but at most you're looking at 8 buttons). These games all have considerable depth for the limited about of spells.

    What I'd like to see is WoW taking on a Diablo 3 style for abilities, and let the player choose a handful of abilities that they can use at a given time. This really encourages players to make a choice between offensive, defensive, and utility spells to form builds suitable to their playstyle or the preference of their group. Choosing a smaller selection of abilities could also remove the need for talent trees because you'd naturally inherit any talents that benefited the abilities you've selected. This system could also keep certain specs "in check" -- there's a trade-off taking too many offensive abilities, or too many utility abilities, which could make pvp more interesting and balanced. For instance, in Diablo 3 you've got offensive, defensive and utility spells, and part of the game is determining which ones go well together for the best potential builds.

    I know this would never happen for WoW, but in the age of moba/RPG, having a small selection of abilities really brings out more balance.

    edit: I'm not saying Blizzard should remove spells from WoW -- I'm just suggestion that players should be presented with making meaningful choices toward viable spell builds in a system where the # of spell slots available are limited.
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    If the game is interesting to me, I'll play it. I tend to just play WoW on and off and sometimes go for months at a time without touching it when I get bored of it. Major content patches or new expansions usually get me interested again, for a bit.

    Peer pressure is usually what does it. I have a small group friends on Steam, and we do a lot of gaming-related stuff together. When they start getting interested in WoW again, I fire my account back up.

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    If the new expansion has an interesting new continent/world, I'll come back. Panda land's zones pretty much all seemed the same to me and got boring quick. Sure they looked nice and all, but this is the first expansion where I couldn't tell you which zone is which.

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    New game design vision.

    Get rid of this "omg we need to make money now!" approach, and get back to doing what's good for the game.

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    1. Server population issues addressed (coming in 5.4)
    2. More challenging content in the world (so non-instanced)
    3. Less stress on cross-server queueing, and more stress on 'server' communities
    4. Something that I can grind to out in the world.
    5. Better zone design
    6. Less of a reliance on flying mounts
    7. South Seas expansion.
    8. New models (possibly next expansion).
    9. Something out in the world that encourages cooperative and group play.
    10. More focus on social interactions, maybe a new chat system or something.
    11. More focus on world PvP and group PvE in the world
    12. Reimplementation of class quests.
    13. Race/class themed transmog sets.

    So yeah, overall mine have a LOT to do with the world/zones themselves, what goes on in those zones, and how we socialize with each other in the world.

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    The same thing that is keeping me playing now (literally), the friends I've made over 8 years (I had 7 different people buy me a month game time after I quit....).
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    I'll keep playing as long as raiding is fun and my life allows me to.

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    Cross realm heirlooms. And don't tell me it's something they can't do because of hardware limitations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    I will keep playing till another MMO fills my list of strict criteria... As well, I will keep playing as long as I know people online as well playing.

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    Other: Online games are so bad in general now that the only other multiplayer games that I can play are Dota 2 and Starcraft 2. So thats why I still play WoW, because there is nothing close to an alternative.

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    I honestly don't know why I still play. I guess it has just become habit and that habit is becoming less and less of a habit. I'm finding myself playing other things more than wow now that my optional yet mandatory cloak progression is over.

    So maybe soon enough I will just put wow aside until 5.4 or potentially for good.

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