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    Give me logical explanations about new-age WoW

    I just came back into game for a short time just to have fun a little, but the game pushed brake on that.
    I haven't play WoW for a long time and i experienced few things in game lately that just seems unlogical to me.

    1. Why are premade pvp groups allowed to play with random ppl ? Make premade fighting premade (like rated bg), not that premades are farming and abusing other randoms. Its "fun" pvping that way as random.

    2. Same gear, same skill, but healers are still on big advantage over dps class. Example, i can't lose to equaly geared / skilled rogue on my disco priest or pala. My rogue is mal/tyr geared but killing healer with same gear/skill is impossible. Talking about cassual gamer, those nolifers dont count.

    3. How come that retris and boomsters are 2-3 shoting ppl in pvp ? Ok i get it, in vannila you could with proper spec do that but back then WoW was something rly different than it is today. Pala was survival class in vanilla not 3 shoter like today. Hybrid classes just went out of your control Blizz... I totaly understand being 3 shoted by mage,lock,rogue... but hybrids ?

    Blizzard guys must be on crack or some kind of a Mars weed.

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    The game didnt stop evolving when you quit, thats what happened I guess.

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    1: You can only queue as 5 people in a random (There might be ways around this, but it's not allowed)

    2: If a dps could kill a healer 1v1, there'd be no point in bringing them anywhere.

    3: HYBRID TAX DOESN'T EXIST. A hybrid who specs dps will do JUST THE SAME DPS as someone who's a pure dps class.

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    I don't think extra premade bg groups would work, you don't have enough people doing that (saying it would extend queue times on both sides,) and anyway it's just for fun, i mean there are people who just want to play bg with firends and not doing some pseudo rated bgs, also rather bad players/ bad equipped players could just queue together, would be unfair for them to get an organized group. If people don't communicate in bgs its their own fault.

    In what a situation? duels? open world? From my experience healers don't get battle fatique in open world pvp or duels, which means they heal two times as much as the do in arenas and bgs. And duels are not part of any balancing attempt, fights especially against healer are pointless since ever, except for practice maybe.

    Only rets and boomkins? Its not like nearly every class and spec can blast you out of the window with enough gear and a well executed burst, it may not be 2-3 big hits for every class but therefore many many little ones and so on, thats relativly normal by current design and was worse a while ago. If thats a good thing is another question.
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