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    Lei Shen conduit leveling question

    Does a Lv2 conduit with 50power in it count more or less than a level 1 with 75 power in it?

    I'm trying to figure if it would be in our best interest to just overpower Diffusion in P1 to say L2+50 then just walk him over to the others till they (except SS) get to 75ish

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    Are you talking normal mode or heroic? Haven't done heroicmode myself so cannot give a response for that but for normal mode start at East and move on the moment the first decapitate occurs. This should have you at 90+ energy on that one. Then at each other section move after the thunderstruck occurs which has the platform charged at roughly 60ish energy. By the time you have that happen at the 4th Platform you should have damaged Lei Shen enough to enter the first transition. If not your DPS are slacking a fair bit.

    There should be no need to lvl up any conduit before the first transition.

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    I had the same question at one time. The answer is 1.01 > 0.99 in terms of deactivation.

    But Oogly is right. Make your first move at decapitate and you'll be leaving that one at about 0.95. Make next two moves just after thunderstruck and you'll be leaving those at 0.70ish.

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    Each level increases the amount of abilities that go out, the damage they do by 100%, and you also get stronger adds from the diffusion chain. Energy increases the damage only by it's energy level in %. All conduits level once when entering a phase change regardless of energy level.

    So a lvl 2 50 energy conduit will mean 250% extra damage and you get more abilities going out.
    A lvl 1 75 energy will do 175% extra damage and you get the normal amount.

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    Each level is just 100 energy. Every 1 energy increases damage by 1%. Every 100 energy increases the number of mechanics that occur. So, 0 energy is baseline; no increase. 50 energy causes the mechanic to do 50% more damage. 150 energy (1 level + 50 on that level) increases damage by 150% and the quantity of the mechanic is doubled (so, you'll get twice as many Static shocks/Diffusion Chains/Overcharges/Bouncing Bolts). 250 energy increases damage by 250% and the mechanic is tripled.

    Remember that during transitions, each conduit gets +100 energy. Once the transition phase ends, each conduits loses all energy down to the nearest hundred. So, a 0 energy conduit will be 100 during the transition and drop back to 0 after the transition phase. A 50 conduit will be 150 then drop to 0. A 150 conduit will be 250 then drop to 100. A 250 conduit will be 350 then drop to 200.

    This table might help explain:
    Energy Damage Quantity

    The highest energy level conduit is always Supercharged after the transition (deactivated for normal; "learned" for heroic).
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    If you're talking about deactivation selection, then highest level is deactivated, tiebreaker being energy level.

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    Well so much for my idea of tanking the diffusion to say Lv2 +50 and then the next to 75...

    Right now its the Static Shock and the Bolts that are doing us in...

    Anyone know how to make the bolt's swirl a little more noticeable? Several members are having a hard time seeing it (me included...and I usually run at 100fps on Ultra -shadows)

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    There is no reason to level any of them in phase 1. If it's a dps issue, then you don't have the dps to kill the boss.

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    More. That was easy.

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