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    Heroic Megaera 10m difficulty

    Wanted to get peoples opinion on this boss to see if its where we should try and progress next. We are currently 7/13h with the 1st 4 bosses plus jikun iron qon and twins down.

    Raid make up:
    Tanks: dk monk
    Dps: rogue warrior lock hunter ele shammy
    Heals: pally druid disc

    How will megaera compare to the others or is primordius the better place to spend time

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    Primordius is slightly easier imo, tho to be honest, durumi / primordius and meg seem more or less on par to me.

    The hardest part about megaera is the healing check with somewhat of a co-ordination check, if that suits your strengths then go for it.

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    I'd say Primordius is the easiest to learn of the 3.
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    That depends on how they're killing normal Primordius. If they're zerging him and ignoring the blobs - yeah, that won't work with 75% damage reduction in heroic. Not that it's a huge change in strategy, but I can imagine it being harder than it would be otherwise.

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    we kill primoridius by killing the blobs that spawn. We killed it that way our first kill and then tried doing it the zerg way for a couple weeks but it was really boring so we went back to kill the blobs to get our buffs.

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    Primordius is very easy - it's really just tank awareness and the HPS/DPS check now are very easy. Megaera is very dependent on raid positioning as well as healing. If your ranged can't properly handle stacking ice beams on top of each other, the encounter gets very hectic.

    Durumu is easier healing wise but requires the most coordination/raid awareness of the three.

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