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    I've been playing Hunter/Disc with a friend who just dinged 90 and I have to agree it's ridiculous. We've been playing at 1850/1900 MMR since we started from 0 rating and we're at just over 1800 rating atm. When we get a good chain off, the other team literally can't do shit. Even with my partner's immensely bad gear, we're still beating a lot of teams just because of the ridiculous CC. When it comes to cleaves, though, we can't do anything since my partner gets killed in like 1 second xd.

    But yeah, bottom line is that 2's isn't balanced.
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    I play dot comps in 2s and damn we get hard countered by disc+melee/hunter teams. WW/Disc is hell of a counter for my affly/boomy (in 3s it is the opposite), droped us from 1970 to 1899, disgusting.

    Regarding 2s, this season is complete bs- disc teams rampaging with mindless cleaves. Proper cc chain was never this unrewarded.
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    Depending if you want to play healer at all costs I would suggest you switch to a dps spec. 2 DDs works quite well (imo better then any healing comp in 2s) up to the 2k mark and above but that's personal preference.

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    Can anyone confirm that you can mass spell reflect a trap? That is fucking nonsense (the good kind). I might be able to finally get my 2k achieve with that little trick.

    Can anyone recommend a few more warrior tips for beating disc/hunter? I've been intervening traps (best I can, I feel like no matter how fast I intervene after a scatter there is still a chance the druid will eat the trap), I take double time to interrupt MCs efficiently but I feel like double deter and root-disengage ruin most of my kill opportunities. We can last a long time but eventually I'll miss a trap when I'm already low on health after using all my tricks and I'll go down.

    But seriously can we mass spell reflect a trap?

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    Crawl in a corner, sit down and cry is what I usually do.

    I was fighting an SV hunter/Holy priest in 2s (which is far more annoying than disc/bm hunter IMO) and they literally CCed me for the entire 2s game. At one point when I got out of a CC I thought: "finally, the priest is running in and DR fears me and my partner will be fine". JK full fear into yet another full trap/chastise/scatter/pet CC/etc.

    My only suggestion is to have your DPS partner eat all of your traps and have him peel the priest off of you.

    Another thing you could try is to use the talent that adds a slow to your faerie fire instead of typhoon and spam it on the disc priest so he cannont get to you for fear/etc.

    To be honest, rdruids frustrate me a lot more in 2s than priests do because they don't even need their partner to CC because they can CC themself for godly amounts of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emfg View Post
    I was fighting an SV hunter/Holy priest in 2s (which is far more annoying than disc/bm hunter IMO)
    Indeed you're right, that combo is much stronger going against conventional dd+healer, but to win against a proper 2 dd you've to be BM just for the sake of 2d trinket. But priest dmg in chastise chakra with PI is so mean, definetly top tier spec for 2v2 gayness)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevaara View Post
    MC isn't the problem, neither is fear. It's trap always landing despite my warrior trying to eat them. Out of that I get MC'd which is interrupted but then I get put into a silencing shot into another MC in which I'm run towards the priest for a fear. They can do that every 20-30s. Eventually they get the kill.
    If the warrior cant eat 3/4 traps then you need to replace him... its that simple im afraid.
    Beating that comp is not that hard, they depend very heavily on large chains of ccs,
    stop the trap, interrupt mc, slow priest when he runs in for fears, try to avoid mcs yourself with los etc.

    Someone gave you the advice that your war should pickup massreflect... dont do that.
    MR traps is alot more rng then just intervening them, the war needs to have
    the safeguard talent because any decent hunter will narrowescape the war before he goes to trap you.
    MR can work aswell dont get me wrong, but its just more rng if you will get it off or not...
    If the priest is paying attention he will notice you have MR after the first trap,
    and from there on out he will SWD the MR's off you when hunter is trapping...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    You're not a Disc Priest, better luck next season !

    Friend got 2200 in 2s running Disc/Feral, without skype rofl.
    Resto druids are getting so many buffs, that we most likely will hear the collective sigh in arena, that is so wellknown from seeing a disc, when you see a resto in 5.4 :P
    But yeah. Resto/hunter, Resto/mage sounds like good combos.
    Hunter can counter the other hunter every time the hunter CCs you.
    Mage can flee/iceblock whenever you're CCd.
    Resto/Feral isn't going to work. Stacking DR up will just make you lose, and the hunter do have one more fear for the feral (of course can be avoided, but more to watch out for)

    Resto/Ret might work out too, specially from 5.4, with their fear. 3 bubbles against hunters+speed+fear/normal stun, and high nuke doesn't seem like a bad idea.
    Unsure how well they work together in reality though.
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