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    Leveling through pandaria: what spec?


    PLEASE ignore my bracer gems, I just noticed them myself and likely just had a massive brainfart when I bought them. And I'll replace them in a few days anyway.

    Now that my priest is 90 and has replaced her neck and weapon, I can pass those to my mage. I want to know what the best course of action is for leveling as a mage. keep in mind I'm on a low pop server and am not interested in monkey runs.
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    Frost, I can't imagine leveling as any other spec.

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    Frost is probably the best. I leveled both Frost and Fire, Frost is faster but also more deadly because you think you can kill a lot more than you actually can. That being said, if you don't try to rambo AoE down fifteen mobs like I tend to do then Frost will be better.

    Fire is kind of nice though, because you can kill mobs in one global if you get procs, but crit is low before raid gear so it's not that effective.

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    frost is best without a contest, fire and arcane requires more gear to be effective, and thus they will be much slower
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    I'm going to throw a spanner in the works and say frost

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    The only advantage of fire is that you have some mobility, but overall frost is much, much better for leveling (questing).

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    Frost Bomb + Frost Nova
    Frost Bomb + Pet Freeze
    Frost Bomb + Ring of Frost (or similar talent)
    Frost Bomb + Deep Freeze.

    If you cycle through those and make sure your targets are frozen when Frost Bomb explodes, you're going to have a pretty easy time killing just about anything. Just don't pull too much.

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