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    Question regarding GW EU/US

    Hello GW2 community i have been considering getting this game for awhile now but i am unsure what region to buy the game on, is the game more active in us or eu? kind of curious to find out if it is possible to know.

    Thanks for all replies

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    There's no numbers published anywhere, however you can create an account, select a server, if you don't care for the server you can delete your characters and roll to a different region or server.

    You can guest to a different server anytime however you cannot participate in WvW as a guest. Note: guesting not available xregion.
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    You should only buy the version of region that you are in (so if you are located in the UE, get the EU version). You can however roll on a US region if you wish, but once you make a home server in that region, you can only guest to servers in that region. To choose a different home server, you must delete ALL characters.

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