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    Unable to access us.battle.net

    My account expired today and was trying to access my account. For some reason http://us.battle.net refuses to load up for me to even get in. Anyone ever had this problem or is the site down? I can view the message board and armory at all either.

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    Yeah it happens to me every now and then. Whenever it happens to me I empty my cache and it usually works again.

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    You are most likely using Google Chrome. This bug only happens for Google Chrome users as far as I am aware.

    Try power cycling your modem/router, opening up Internet Explorer, and retry. After successfully loading the site on IE, switch back to Chrome, and see if it works.

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    This is happening on multiple computers in the house and smart phones. Can someone find a support number I can call?

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    Hi Asuras, here's our number for support in North America:

    10 am - 6 pm Pacific Time

    Feel free to PM me if you have any general questions, I'll be happy to respond.

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