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    Quote Originally Posted by jaber2 View Post
    I hated the underwater zones in Cata, so I will sit this one out
    I have to agree with this one.

    I couldn't stand the under water giving me eye strain and giving me a headache everytime I looked at it, made me feel sick

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    More underwater freaky stuff, like Kolorath, Ozumat, Mobus and the Whale Shark.

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    I would like to see the Ozumat/Neptulon story finished. Id be happy with some modified physics. Like instead of floating mechanics like current underwater, maybe have moon like mechanics, where you could jump high and far, but ultimately the gravity would pull you down. Rather than flight type mechanics.

    It would have to be dark... very dark. Like Bottom of the Ocean floor dark. Id like to see Nazjatar, Mak'ara, Gishan, etc, and have the zone lit by only fauna that glowed. Darkness is a rare thing in wow, Id really enjoy it again in some form. Id love some more Faceless types, some more deranged things. With the sha being ultimately disconnected from Pandaria... perhaps a Faceless-Sha thing.
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    Inside Aggra's Womb.

    A water zone where Melee classes can level at the same speed as ranged.

    We can hope.
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    hated underwater levels since the day I started gaming across platforms....still hate them

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    I love Vashj'ir.

    If there's another one coming, I'd love it if it was even deeper than Vashj'ir. After all, Vashj'ir meant to be sort of on the shallows, near the coast.

    I want one where you can't see the bottom, and you work your way downwards across the zone. Once you're at the bottom, you can no longer see day light from the surface. But instead, there's a beautiful bio-luminescent world opening up in front of you. And an amazing underwater city - Nazjatar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrun View Post
    hated underwater levels since the day I started gaming across platforms....still hate them
    Kedge Keep... the terror... oh the terror.
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    Fuck that noo.. i fucking hate questing in pineapple undersea! >:O

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    I loved vash'jir too. The things that bothered other people bothered me too, but I liked the experience anyways.
    It was hard to tell where you were in 3d. It was difficult to tell how close you were to a corpse (or active mob). So they'd probably need something to auto-orient you when you wanted to do combat. And/or something to "fetch" loot for you. Or just more visual queues as to if something was in front of or behind your toon. The 3d fight was disorienting on Al'Akir too, maybe there should be an up/down movement button that moves you a static distance. "Jump" should return you to the sea floor if you're running along it, instead of starting you swimming.

    I agree on the tameable hunter pets. I only used netherray, sporebat, and crab while in vashjr. I'd even park the ray / spore bat under water when I went into a cave with air. My complaint is the swimming animations for druid, fish trinket, pets, and minipets were way too fast. Flight/swimming animation speed should not scale with movement speed. Also, better models for aquatic form. Like northrend sea lion or sea otter (otter and beavers need their swimming animations fixed too, they shouldn't be doggy paddling... I think they just used the bear skeleton, when otters and beavers swish their whole bodies).

    I could see a short raid with 1-2 bosses. Like helping Lord Hydraxis free Neptulon.

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    I would like an underwater zone with more indoor areas. Like...a bunch of sunken temples where you can go inside, run around, and take a break from swimming everywhere. Just imagine an immense temple with water gushing from cracks in the walls, and broken statues and frescoes overgrown with barnicles/seaweed. That would be awesome.

    There where certainly interior havens in Vashj'ir, but they were mostly areas to pick up quests before you went back out into the ocean. I guess Vashj'ir did have those huge creatures you went inside a couple times, but that was maybe 10% of the questing. Ideally I'd like 50% of the questing indoors, and 50% out in the water.

    Oh and perhaps give all melee some sort of "underwater charge" spell. Like if your having trouble getting up on your targets because of the 3D movement you just hit that button and your character will charge towards the enemy making it much easier to close to melee range.

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    Really hated the underwater zone, and I can't for the life of me understand why people want the South Seas expansion filled with naga and even more trolls... something that's been encountered a thousand times over. Plus, it'd most likely be a bunch of wooded/tropical boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    All the water removed.
    Ha! I was going to say a dried up seabed or something for the new zone lol.

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    I did not enjoy questing in Vashj'ir. I like the underwater theme but don't like to swim and float around. Maybe they could add a underwater walking spell.

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    I would like to see it not exist. At least not in any of the forms it's been implemented in previously.

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    I'd like there to be some gravity in place - if you tread water you start sinking slowly unless you're at the surface.

    Having most of the quests take part on the bottom of the sea would make it feel more 'normal' too.

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    Perhaps some really deep sea area, where it's dark, kinda creepy and simply totally different from vashj'ir - which felt more like shallow water, typical tropical coral reef feel.

    More use of underwater temples/complexes, there where plenty of old ruins in vashj'ir, but you never actually went inside these massive buildings.

    Should probably make it less painful/annoying for melee classes though. Oh, and using targeted AoE's was not possible "mid air" so to speak, only on the sea floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    All the water removed.
    I don't wanna see a new underwater zone. Half the spells don't work for shit thanks to pathing, so there goes AoE pulls, and moving slower than walking speed makes me a very sad man. I die a bit inside every time I do an underwater quest, and concider very hard if there's a way to skip the quest by moving to the next zone.

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    A better expansion.
    A drain at the bottom draining all the water...Underwater doesn't work very well with wow sure Vash'ir looked nice but it was always awkward and clunky not to mention a colossal waste of development time. Please don't make another underwater zone.

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    I would like to see blizzard get AWAY from underwater zones. Although i don't think it will happen. Sooooo I'm gonna vote for the explanation as to how fire spells work underwater.
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    Loved Vashjir. Just hated the movement and that it just ended so abruptly like we never did anything for our faction at all.

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