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    Something a little less cartooney. I adored vash'jir but it was a bit too technicolour and felt out of place even in a game with places like gnomergon and kezan.

    I want to see something further out in the deep sea, marianas trench style. Super dark with lots of bio luminescence and old god fish monsters.

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    I would like any underwater zone to happen inside a giant glass dome, that is underwater, but not swimming. Vashj'ir was visually very nice, and unique, and played better than anything else they have done underwater before, but it was still far worse than zones that weren't underwater. I think a big zone that you could see things like whales/sharks/fish swimming above you and around the border to the zone would be pretty sweet, but no swimming.

    Something like the Eco-domes in Netherstorm, all with different Flora/Fauna linked together with some tubes like the small underwater section of the Tram. It would be cool to have like a dark, damp, sort of Steampunk underground city beneath everything with a bunch of different trams headed to different parts of the zone with a cool scenic underwater path.

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    Vashj'ir is my favourite leveling zone. There are just 2 major improvements I want.

    Better depth perception. Without the ground to use as a reference point, it's really hard to see how far away something is from you, especially for melee. It also made looting hard, as you usually end up swimming past the body you want to loot and not even notice until you move the camera angle.

    Better marked cave entrances. Hated trying to return to the quest hub only to find a giant mountain or cliff, and trying to remember how high and on which side the entrance was.

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    What I would love to see from an underwater zone is not another underwater zone.

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    If we received another under water zone it would be nice to see its plot be finished.
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    I loved Vashj, though it was a bit long. I think you could easily make a few underwater zones with different themes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    I loved Vashj, though it was a bit long. I think you could easily make a few underwater zones with different themes.
    Yeah Vashj really could have done with being split in 2 zones, and acting as a replacement for Hyjal AND Deepholme.
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    nothing, we do not need anymore underwater zones ever, maybe something like dread wastes where there is only a small chain underwater. but a whole zone? no just no

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    i wouldnt want to see another underwater zone, vashir was a mistake...

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    Wow is just not a "swimmy" game. period. So, nothing would make me like underwater zones. Same goes with Flying bosses, like Al'akir and Maly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstieg View Post
    I loved it. Do it again. Same way.
    Perfectly put. A lot of people hated Vashj'ir, and on one hand I can kind of understand, but I certainly can't sympathize. It is one of the only zones that I can go back to time after time and still find it enjoyable. If there were another underwater zone, make it the same! My one change would be to make it worthwhile to come back. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there were absolutely no dailies, so the only reasons to come back after you were done were herbs/mining and quartermaster. Give us a reason to revisit the zone and I would be in love forever.

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    I would like to see it not ever existing. The quests in Vashj'ir were pretty good, but the zone was horribly designed. It was terribly disorienting and almost impossible to find your way around. I really hope it's something the devs learned from and is never repeated.

    All of that said though, the quests (save the Nespirah chain) were among the best in the game's history.

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    I would like limited gravity, more of a space walk outside bubbled atmospheres. On the topic of bubbles tunnels that act as Undersea Highways on the floor of the Ocean complete with normal air, dry ground and room to fly with your regular mount should you wish it.
    Edit: Abandoned Goblin Oil Pipelines would be a start. Or Dwarven/Gnomish made Channels.

    Volcanic Undersea Vents.
    Sunken Space Ship
    More "Kaiju" Monster (For an explanation of Kaiju see "Pacific Rim" Aquatic Godzillas)

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    The Tomb of Sargeras from Warcraft III
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaber2 View Post
    I hated the underwater zones in Cata, so I will sit this one out
    But bumping your post count is gud, amirite?

    I dunno. I really, really enjoyed Vashj'ir. That zone was so flipping amazing, I ran every one of my characters through there. I would love for them to do another underwater zone, but I really don't see how they could. They COULD attach underwater zones to current zones - I.E. quests that lead you into underwater quest hubs, then back out, I'd really love to see that. Hell, anyone remember all the underwater quests in Darkshore? >.>
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    I really enjoyed Vash'ir. It really irks me that people hated it. Our Underwater sea orc won't be explored deeply now. That is what makes me sad.

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    Vashj'ir and the quests in Vashj'ir were some of my favorite in the game when I played them on Cata Beta and then again on release. It was just totally different and unique, felt like a completely different world and looked awesome. Oddly though I never go back when leveling alts probably because I want to just fly around and level quickly. Although when Cata dropped, I was the first one in the zone since everyone went to Hyjal and people were having DC issues. I just flew through the levels because I knew all of the quests and had no competition.

    The only time I hated Vashj'ir was when archeology digsites would pop up randomly in the zone before they made it so none ever do.

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    How can they make it better? By not making the underwater camera/environment so abysmal, it felt clunky and the sense of direction was lost on the fact it was a full 3D underwater environment. You can argue it's the same as above water and like really isn't, the slow pace even with the seahorse mount doesn't even help. I always skip Vash'jir for Hyjal ._.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Oh, one more thing I'd want from a new underwater zone.

    A second, same levels, zone where you DON'T have to swim. Like an island.
    Hyjal Summit?

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