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    Rights as a Guild Master

    Having recently built a guild from the ground up in the last week by offering free repairs(with my own gold) I was wondering if I put some personal storage gold, then take it out at a later time if it's a 'reportable' offense...
    I've heard of things like this happening, figured it's thread-worthy, also related is having items in there, such as personal storage.
    Currently keeping the gold at 500g(more repairs are happening than cash-flow)

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    Technically, there are no rules. You are the GM. You are free to solicit mass donations, and keep it all to yourself. You might be kind of an ass if you do so, but you haven't broken any rules.

    It's your guild, feel free to use it for your own item/gold storage, or anything you wish that doesn't violate either the law, or the ToS. I.E. don't start using your guild to pimp out little children, and you're pretty much fine.

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    It's your guild, technically you can do whatever you want.

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    If you're the GM it doesn't matter who put stuff in the guild vault or what you do with it, it's your stuff the instant it goes in the bank.

    Now if you want to behave like it's not a dictatorship, that's your option, and a good one, but how it really works (when it comes down to Blizzard resolving disputes) is that it's a dictatorship and all the stuff in the guild vault belongs to the GM.

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    I'd have a fair explanation ready if someone calls you out on it, but it's your guild at the end of the day. There shouldn't be a problem.

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    Whenever it comes to guild banks, there is only 1 really reportable offense whenever it comes to withdrawing items/gold from the guild bank. And that is the use of social engineering to make somebody believe you are somebody else, invite you to a guild, and then you withdraw items, and then leave.


    Violator: "Hey! This is <Guild Leader's Name>'s alt. Can you invite me to the guild and promote me?"
    Unsuspecting Officer: "Sure! There you go!"
    *guild bank snatch, /gquit*

    Other than that, you're free to do whatever you want.

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    Thanks for the replies all, had just heard of it happening so glad it's still the same old..
    Just didn't want people to be able to have power over my account if I withdraw 100k a couple months after depositing a similar amount =p

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    There's a transaction log, even if it is reported, if you take no more out than you put in directly, you'll be fine. If you want to give yourself some insurance, spell out the policy and your investment in the guild info. If you use a guild bank tab for your personal use, label the tab "GM personal use". As long as you aren't deceiving people, then nobody can accurately accuse you of wrong-doing.

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    Being a guild leader is a little like being a Monarch or a cult leader, you can get away with everything from polygamy, to pedophilia, to mass suicide, to human sacrifice, to adultery, and while it may be pushing your luck, maybe even wearing white after Labor Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwiez View Post
    If you use a guild bank tab for your personal use, label the tab "GM personal use".
    Or just don't make it visible to anyone else.

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