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    Only official Blizzard mods, and their fanbois can post anything they want on their forums. You are better off just not posting there at all TBH. Just stick around MMO-Champion, some of the mods here aren't full of themselves.

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    The mods over there are very over-zealous about deleting posts/banning people. It's a very personal bias too. I've seen some really stupid, obvious troll posts stay yet they delete valid & interesting posts. Forum regulars also get off the hook with whatever stupid crap they want to post (hug and food threads..seriously).

    I was once permabanned for making ONE off-topic post. Months later I sent a nice email and got unbanned. So depending on whoever is modding and their mood, the official forums are tyrant run. I like MMO-champ forums a lot more.. seems like you're more open to having an opinion

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