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    Red face Any tips for new GW2 player

    Any tips for a new GW2 player, I just picked it up. I picked the engineering profession because it seemed like something new and flesh in regards to past MMOs I've played. Any tips while leveling, should I buy XP boost or will the leveling go smooth without it? (in regards to either being under leveled for quests or over leveled for quests)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don't get the exp boosts. You don't need to rush to get to the max level. Just play the game and enjoy it.

    If you feel like things are getting too hard you can go to another zone and after a couple levels go back to the previous zone and continue where you left off.

    I think leveling is one of the best parts of this game, so my advice is just to take your time, stop and smell the roses basically. You don't always need to go to places marked on the map to find interesting things.

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    Grandpab is right, don't bother with the xp boosts. You'll get tons of them from just playing anyway.

    Deposit collectibles - access this command on the upper right of your bags, puts all mats into your bank. You need to go to a bank to withdraw them or simply use them at a crafting station.

    Ctrl button - tapping this will highlight any interactable objects like ore nodes that can be mined or quest items.

    Hearts - think of these as bread crumb quests, they lead you into an area but the dynamic events is where the action, xp & rewards are. Listen to the NPCs calling out for help or your attention, they are not there for flavor! Pay special attention to named NPCs.

    If you want to test out a profession or a build you can go to the Heart of the Mists (pvp lobby - it's the crossed sword icon upper left on your screen). There you will be upleveled to 80 and have free access to all stats, runes, abilities, etc. You can practice on target dummies or jump into a hot join (like a battleground) if you like to see how the profession plays at max level and stats.

    WvW - the castle icon upper left on your screen, this is the massive battle between 3 servers that lasts all week. You will be upscaled to 80 here as well, but you will only have the abilities you've learned so far. A true 80 will stomp you, but Fridays before reset is "karma train" time where there is usually a truce of sorts, great place to jump in and grab some quick levels and karma. Join your server's teamspeak if you want to get in on the strategies and learn about that part of the game.

    You can use salvage kits on low level items for mats or sell them on the trading post. The trading post is 5% to list an item + another 10% when it sells. Most mid-upper level blues and greens are better sold to a vendor.

    /m = mapchat, this is the zonewide chat
    /s = say, immediate area
    /p = partychat, channel for any group you are in
    /g = guildchat. You can be in up to 5 guilds but can only represent one at a time. This chat will only show for the guild you are representing.

    Don't be shy about asking questions in mapchat, the community is great
    Valar morghulis

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    Here's a good link from Reddit on general tips for new players...


    Also when leveling and doing dynamic events, after the event is over, wait around for a few seconds and see if the NPC starts talking. If he or she does, there is usually a follow up event or they will turn into a merchant where you can buy a unique item from them.

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    1) Gather everything - unlike other MMOs, you don't need professions for gathering materials, instead you need gathering tools - a sickle, logging axe, and mining pick. They get partially consumed each time you gather something. You can buy them from most merchants (coin icon on the map).

    2) Learn to use the Trading Post (the auction house here) asap - you are not rewarded with gear for completing "quests" - you need to start using TP from the very start to gear up your character. Random items that may drop from mobs are too... random, and unreliable. Upgrade your gear about every 8-10 levels (weapons about every 5 lvls)

    3) Get 100% map completion for each zone you are in. The bonus reward chest is huge, and I find it great fun, it gives you a goal to work towards to, and a nice sense of accomplishment.

    4) Do not gear up for "tanking" or defensive stats (toughness, vitality, healing power). Instead go for offensive stats right away even while leveling (power, precision, critical damage/condition damage). It will be a good practice for when you reach 80 and start doing explorable dungeons/fractals. Learn to survive by reading your enemies' moves and avoiding/DODGING their big attacks. There are no tanks in this game, you will still die pretty fast if you try to "face tank" dungeon bosses or world champions, no matter how defensive your gear is. Also - the faster enemies die, the faster you level.

    5) Do not join a low-populated server, go for one of the very high populated ones. There are really no advantages from playing on a dead server, only drawbacks. While you can transfer servers, it is quite costly (1800 gems from the cash shop).

    6) Read the map chat while you are leveling, other people in the area often announce when group events are happening, and even link a waypoint to get there (waypoints are how you fast travel here, no mounts in GW2)

    7) Join a guild - make sure its a big/active one, preferably with most stuff unlocked, so you can do guild missions with them at higher levels. Commendations from guild missions will allow you to buy some nice gear at 80.

    8) This one is probably most important - try to complete daily achievements every day! They reward you with laurels, used to buy the best gear in the game. Since I am a slow leveler, I had 30 laurels on me when I hit 80, allowing me to buy one ascended item straight away.

    9) Do not craft while you are leveling your first character. Crafting professions are very costly in GW2. Yes they are a nice way of giving your alts some "free" levels, but you need a high level main with lots of gold to fund that. You are better off selling the raw crafting materials on TP when its your first time leveling.

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    I agree with everyone else.

    Also I realized how important it is to join a (big) guild. Not only they can help you when you need, they also bring you to places you would never find on your own.

    For the high populated servers, it is worth it to wait till a spot comes free on the full servers. It could take hours, but once you're in there, you won't have to pay an awful lot to move permanently to a different home server. You can guest, but when it's about WvW for example, it's much more fun on a busy server. You'll never be alone.

    You'll be around 49/50% map completion when you hit 80 if you decide to focus on exploring. Imagine how much there is to see.

    Enjoy yourself, join an event once in a while.
    I did the same thing as suggested - gladly. When I hit 80 I decided to look at what else was there.

    Oh and don't forget to look at your achievements. It'll also reward you with exp points and account rewards. This is much more interesting with the new rewarding system.

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    Everyone pretty much already gave you great advice, but I want to specifically comment on this:
    Quote Originally Posted by nottashot View Post
    Any tips while leveling, should I buy XP boost or will the leveling go smooth without it? (in regards to either being under leveled for quests or over leveled for quests)
    I think the most important thing in GW2 is to shed the mentality of any other MMOs you may have played in the past, or are currently playing. It's easier said than done though, as I still struggle with it. Hearts are not "quests". You are not "done" simply because you finished all the hearts in the zone. You will always be frustrated if you play it that way. I started a second character recently, and I had this trouble of being underleveled for hearts (which I never had on my first character).

    Why? I was still stuck in the old MMO mentality of zooming from quest to quest. Unfortunately, the way GW2 is designed means that you will always be underleveled for hearts if that is all you do. Forget about hearts for a bit. Run around the zone, jump in events, pay attention to what champions people are announcing. Some people dislike it - why should they grind mobs just to get to the next zone? Frankly, I didn't like it either, but GW2 isn't other MMOs, and you will only set yourself up for frustration if you keep that mindset.

    What I did was ask people on /map for help. I like seeing what I can solo in other MMOs, but in GW2 I realized it was pointless to "solo" things. Get help on /map if a heart is too high for you. Offer to help others in return. Before long you will reach the level you need to proceed to the next zone. In GW2, seeing other players is a good thing. Remember that!

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    Pretty much everything's been said, but I have to comment on this:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fhi View Post
    In GW2, seeing other players is a good thing. Remember that!
    It's a sad day when people have to be reminded of that, though I understand the urge/need to do so...but I think it says more about other MMOs than it does about GW2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhandric View Post
    Pretty much everything's been said, but I have to comment on this:

    It's a sad day when people have to be reminded of that, though I understand the urge/need to do so...but I think it says more about other MMOs than it does about GW2.
    Think it says a lot about the old 2nd wave of MMO design as popularized by World of Warcraft. It's kind of a shame that alternate systems did not gain more popularity or just wider usage. But that is the double edge sword that is the Blizzard monolith of MMOs, I suppose.

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