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    Well, that set is...interesting. Not sure what to make of it yet. Also, nice of them to admit that the ICC raiding model had its merits.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Loot is personal in LFR and someday will be in dungeons.
    So... depersonalize the dungeon experience even further? That's your answer? :|
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    Question Re: Season 14 Rogue Armor Set Preview, Multiple LFR Queues, Blue Posts, DLC #399

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    it's fun to play palatank with haste i think all agrees but what about dps stuff that tanks take away from dps? lot of times
    Loot is personal in LFR and someday will be in dungeons. That just leaves organized raids, and you guys can work it out there. (Source)
    (Emphasis mine.) Does this make anyone else concerned?

    Is it frustrating to lose loot to another player? It can be. But when dual spec was introduced in Wrath, players on my server came to the understanding that there really wasn't such a thing as an "off-spec" anymore. If you need it, you Need it was essentially the rule. If I was concerned about loot being "ninja'd" then I asked my guild to run the dungeon with me.

    How would personal loot in a dungeon even work? Would there be bonus rolls? Would a player be guaranteed an item that is useful to their spec or just to their class? Or would it just be a chance of a gear item, and consolatory items like gold or crafting mat or...?

    Getting loot from a pop-up box just isn't the same experience even if the underlying RNG mechanism is relatively the same.

    Also, that Rogue set... that's not armor, that's scrap metal and leather rags stapled together. And who needs to see with both eyes anyway? It seems strangely familiar, too.
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    Originally Posted by Daeleht (Blue Tracker)
    Post constructively
    or I'll press some different buttons next time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Banzhe View Post
    ...I buy an mmo-rpg I expect varying content with social interaction at the heart of it,
    not a twisted version of Diablo meets facebook!
    Perfect summations of my feelings on CRZ - why I want to like it but can't.

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    Rogue set... /facepalm

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    Is it me or is the rogue tier blatantly plate armor? Did they forget about armor types?

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    The overall 'theme' of the armor sets in this upcoming patch (raid and PvP alike) really sucks. Metal? Junkyard pieces? I liked it better when armor sets reflected the actual class... A morbid failure on these sets, Blizz. GG.

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    That rogue set... My god it's as if they're daring someone to like it just to see if there's anyone left willing to say that they do...

    Is there some sort of bet in the blizzard art department to prove there is always at least one person who will always like the set designs?! NO MATTER WHAT?!

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    blows my mind some of the people who QQ to bliz, i mean normals are hard?!??! really??? its totally face roll T_T

    bliz should not listen to these people they are retards who speak for no real wow players

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    Guess all rogues came here to complain about their set looks in the transmog items era.

    How about those last tweets from GC ? I feel like he is saying "We messed up difficulty and progression since Wrath and we don't know how to fix it.".

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    Quote Originally Posted by feangren View Post
    And not only LFR, but several queues (instances, scenarios, LFR).
    I really like it !
    You could that since release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rawer View Post
    Guess all rogues came here to complain about their set looks in the transmog items era.

    How about those last tweets from GC ? I feel like he is saying "We messed up difficulty and progression since Wrath and we don't know how to fix it.".
    My main isn't even a rogue, and I think that is one of the most boring unimaginative sets I have ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sainur View Post
    Pathetic. Looks like a warrior. Almost EXACTLY the same shoulders as the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Elite Battlegear. This is just pathetic and I wonder if Blizzard even listens to its community. And yeah yeah... art is subjective... whatever.
    Try harder next time.

    They are completely different.

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    I find DLC pretty lame. I've always wondered why MMO-C gives it spotlights.

    Anyway.. Day-1 xmog on the Rogue set.

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    Rogue set... thank the heavens we can transmog.

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    This rogue set is one of the most atrocious things to ever come out of this game. It's insulting to think they actually expect people to covet or want this kind of horrible looking gear. Anyone else feel like they're creating gear that they EXPECT you to transmog?

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    I feel a little bad for Blizz, over each patch of the game they've changed the way difficulty works for raids and dungeons and just can't seem to get it right. The system they have now is too bloated and not intuitive and it's frustrating the players, as well as leading to undesirable consequences. I get what they're going for with flex, I'm part of a small guild myself and now we just team up to do LFR together. If I was to pitch an idea to Blizz it would be to work really hard on the flex tech to see if it could ever be feasible just having Heroic Flex, Normal Flex, and LFR 25.

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    Pathetic blue post on world PvP and item levels. PvE gear shouldn't even be scaling to the higher PvP tier in instanced PvP; in this case Tyrannical, but in fact the lower one, Malevolent. The "gear shouldn't win fights for you" argument works both ways, and in all PvP situations, having current PvP gear should be an unqualified advantage. Honor gear is so simple to get.

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    Everythink is faceroll in WoW since mid WOTLK, i think ulduar was the last challangeing content, than wow started dyein...Dungeon finder etc...

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    I like the rogue set, it looks like he killed some dudes and patched together the armor he could salvage from them.

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