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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    By that point I hope they have a catch-up mechanic for leveling if you've already leveled one character from 1 to 100. Otherwise people are going to start crying

    XP gets nerfed every expansion. 2-3 days of leveling is not fast enough?

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    At level 100, you stop gaining xp.

    Until the next expansion.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    You'll be playing the game as any other level. It's not like something super duper special will happen just because it's the first triple digits level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heenk View Post
    Ronin mails you *two* stacks of fireworks.
    that shit would be freaky what with Rhonin beind dead and all xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furell View Post
    And I can give you countless blue posts with denials which was revised after.
    Which still leaves us with two problems. 1. there's no reason at all to actually stop at 100, and 2. nobody at Blizzard ever said they would.

    Blizzard stopped going 10 levels because they couldn't find enough stuff that actually needs them. For gear and rating resets, 5 levels is plenty, and we'll be lucky to get 1 skill per class next expansion.

    And maybe we'll never see a 105 cap... but that's more likely to happen because they go straight to 110 than it is because they don't increase it beyond 100.

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    imo, probably 'elite levels' or path of the titans , basicly whatever they are gonna call the wow paragon system ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubalus View Post
    imo, probably 'elite levels' or path of the titans , basicly whatever they are gonna call the wow paragon system ^^
    You do realize that the only real difference between normal levels and Paragon levels in D3 is that you no longer get skills, and get MF and GF instead? They could just have let people level beyond 60 for much the same effect. Levels in WoW serve an entirely different purpose, so that wouldn't work.

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    Cow level happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfKnees View Post
    Hopefully they'll just keep it as a number. I don't know why people ever started expecting 100 to be something big, because it's really just an extra digit.
    it's a pretty big milestone, most ppl celebrate such milestones some don't ... + if you get to 100 in the upcoming expansion(meaning 10 lvls in an expansion again, hurray) it lines up nicely with the year of wow's 10th anniversary.

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    im guessing it will be another expansion full of posts about horde favoritism. just a theory.

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    I hope nothing will happen but am leaning towards a 50%xp reduction/200%xp gain for all characters account wide once you do hit a character at max level.

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    Day 1 of the xpac.
    30 min before xpac goes live: log auctioneer char and throw all prepared sellable stuff on ah for 48 hours
    Level to max, ignoring all quest text and have an addon auto accept and auto turnin (for quests without reward choice) quests.
    Only do the new 5mans once, @ at the right lvl to do so(exception being the very starter dungeon as you want to be in the 2nd zone before entering to avoid ground item competition)= you can do the dungeon quests.
    Achievement pops up: lvl 100
    XP locked till next xpac.
    You can begin with that xpacs meaningfull portion (max lvl pve/pvp)
    You realise there are hundreds of new achievements to do.
    A ton of new reps to grind.
    Realise there is an achievement to have 10 max lvl characters, and one to have max lvl on 3 aly and 3 horde chars.
    The BiS epics from last tier get replaced by lvling greens before you even hit 100, and you will look like someone threw a random combo of rags @ you as your gear is a complete mismatch.
    You do all available daylies for max lvl on your main, and if raids are unlocked on day1/you happen to live in europe you clearas much as possible of the 1st raid with whoever you find @ max lvl, knowing that the raid resets the next morning. Kill world bosses.
    Get sleep.
    Day 2
    Rage @ the maintainance next morning.
    Start on professions with old mats (craft till stuff isn't green anymore in the craft window)
    Daylie spam.
    Kill worldbosses (hello wednesday reset)
    Grind new reps/achievements all day like some zombie, and then raid the evening with a guildgrp (likely to be 10man as there will allways be some slackers that dont reach max lvl in 2 days= no 25raid yet)
    Day 3
    Work on your mains professions, if you need gathered materials scout the ah for those and make resellable products that you can ah, to lower the profession lvling cost.
    Daylie spam.
    Check if the starter zone is still crowded, if not get a gathering char there and provide some mats for yourself (if you dont want to pay like 500g/stack of ore/herbs)
    otherwise resort to the zombie grind mode until raid time.
    Day 4
    Take it easy during the day, probaly returning to work as the days you took of are over, assuming this isn't a raid day, spend some time outside wow.
    Daylie spam.
    Day 5 and onwards
    Daylie spam on main.
    start lvling an alt (actually reading the quests) but restrict it to like 1-2 hours a day.
    raid days= spend the evening raiding.
    do some achievement progress.

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