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    I'm certain Blizzard would prefer to keep taking my money, and I don't think I'll be moving out of Alaska, so, you will just have to learn to put up with me. But thanks for your eloquent argument anyway.
    Well you and others are free to subscribe to anything your PC/connection is unable to let you play properly. The fact remains that you are a nuisance to other players. And why would you want to play a game that you cannot properly play - limits you in a very annoying way? I don't understand that at all. Sure you might wanna log on, chat to some friends. Do the occasional dungeon with friends who don't mind your issues and accept them. But you will be a nuisance in PUG's/LFX.

    While I am pretty much a fat bald fuck... You won't see me entering a teamsport at this time. Why? Because I wouldn't be any use to my team. Thankfully there are gyms all over, so I recently decided to go to one of those places to get in shape - to later actually be able to go do a teamsport and make a difference instead of being a liability. The same thing I would expect people to do ingame.

    I am sorry if I hurt your feelings or somesuch, wasn't my intention. But yes I dislike people just not caring what their impact is on the play of others.

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    Ok 1. you keep judging your dotting seal... voila no stuns?!?!?
    2. you destroy the other pack before pulling the boss....???!! (atleast in pugs)


    On another note: strangely enough no one said anything about jumping at the right time to avoid 50% health loss by those giant thingies after the first boss in stonecore. Not that it wasn't easily avoidable, but thats were a lot of people died due to not knowing (or caring) when to jump
    Considering that I had direbrew's remote to go to BRD instantly, it was crazy easy for me to get the beer and I didn't have to worry about having to judge when his reflect was up. And as for point 2, yeah, the problem was that the tanks almost always wanted to skip pulling the trash in that room and someone almost always pulled it
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle
    Also, it's should HAVE. NOT "should of". "Should of" doesn't even make sense. If you think you should own a cat, do you say "I should of a cat" or "I should have a cat"? Do you HAVE cats, or do you OF cats?

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