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    Color of the next expansion box, revealed by dragonflights!

    Dragonflight: Green, Blue, Black, Red, Bronze

    The last Aspects of Azeroth: Nozdormu (Bronze), Alexstrasza (Red), Ysera (Green) and Kalecgos (Blue), Wrathion (Black)

    Okey, first we start with the box itself:
    Burning Crusade box is greenish?
    Wrath of the Lich King box is blueish?
    Cataclysm box is blackish?
    Mists of Pandaria box is redish?
    Next expansion box will be Bronzeish?

    Now look at the circle that goes around the Blood Elf, Lich King, Deathwing and Chen Stormstout:
    Burning Crusade circle is greenish?
    Wrath of the Lich King circle is blueish?
    Cataclysm circle is blackish?
    Mists of Pandaria circle is bronzeish?
    Next expansion circle will be redish?

    I'm talking about the color of the box and circle, not the color in the logo. So you don't mix that up.

    My conclussion:
    Box of the next expansion will have a bronze'ish look over it.
    With a circle around that has the red'ish color on it.
    Then the colors of the Dragonflights are -complete-, fo'real

    OBS! Original World of Warcraft is bronzeish!
    Next color must be something else wthin the dragonflights, yeah.
    Cus everything else make sense if you think about it.

    * But what will be inside the circle? * That's my question for you

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    Maybe like this?
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    You put way too much work into what amounts to a satire thread.
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    Well catas red. Everythings red. And mists is green. Call me skeptical. I did know there was a blackish aspect

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    Likely just a funny coincidence. Or is it?! O.O

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    You be like a detective, detecting shit!

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    They already used bronze(ish) on the Vanilla wow boxes

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    You missed one crucial point! The original World of Warcraft Vanilla Box was a Bronze Color. Looks like hte 5 flight have already been used up for box colors. I'm going with purple for the twilight dragonflight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syyran View Post
    They already used bronze(ish) on the Vanilla wow boxes
    Damn you Syyran! DAAMN YOUUU!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syyran View Post
    They already used bronze(ish) on the Vanilla wow boxes

    i guess this means the next box will be a combination of ALL the boxes in a giant rainbow. rise of the murlocs.
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    Wrathion is not an Aspect.

    Currently there is no Black Aspect. Quite frankly there never will be because they became mortal and really have no need for an "aspect" anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Cultist View Post
    Likely just a funny coincidence. Or is it?! O.O
    Probably just blizzard playing mind games with us!

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    The Vanilla WoW vanilla box isn't bronze?

    /equips monocle

    If I lay the contents of the package aside and lay the box out flat whilst tilting the corners like so at a 45 degree angle it almost looks like a paper airplane.

    With this Collectors Edition Azeroth map mouse pad and the mind of Harrison Jones it'll only mean one thing; a 747 jet is the next dragon flight or half life 3.

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    I got it! The next will be Black and White for the Infinite Dragonflight!

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    This has to be the dumbest theory ever.

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    purple box, black ring. for twilight and infinite dragonflights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syyran View Post
    They already used bronze(ish) on the Vanilla wow boxes
    He is talking about the expansions.

    I think it's going to be pink, because.. why not?

    Mists of Pandaria circle is bronzeish?
    Looks brownish to me, looks like wood.
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    Purple legion expansion inc.

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    Someone hasn't seen the Vanilla box?

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    Gotta say I had to chuckle at the box with the Murloc on it
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