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    Having trouble keeping bleeds/savage roar up...

    My main spec is resto, but I need a DPS off spec. I tried balance, but I just don't enjoy it whatsoever. I hated it in mists when I was forced to play it because we needed ranged, and I hate it even more in WoD. But this time I'm not going to be forced to DPS on some fights, so I decided to make my offspec feral after having not played it since cata.

    And I suck at it. I can't keep a 100% up time on anything except rake. The biggest offender is rip, where I've had times of at least 6 seconds of downtime with it and it's driving me nuts. I have no idea how I can fix this, besides just not using my energy at all on ferocious bite unless everything is a fresh refresh. Any advice?

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    Use the passive savage roar glyph until your haste goes up (it's there haha) or you get more used to managing the timers

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiramon View Post
    Use the passive savage roar glyph until your haste goes up (it's there haha) or you get more used to managing the timers ������
    Sounds like a good way to not learn how to manage your combo points. And your haste going up isn't going to do shit for this, plus its a terrible stat so its hardly something you should want to pursue.

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    6 seconds downtime driving you nuts? Its ok Rip uptime should be 90%+, not 100%-.

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    6 is a little fishy, if he had said 4 or 5 I would've been like "Alright..." but when you get to 6 seconds there's a good chance you did something you shouldn't have. And Rip uptime totally can be 100% on patchwerk fights, it depends how Rip timing works as to if there's any points in the fight worth sacrificing a little Rip damage to squeeze in an FB. If you're only getting 90% every time then I would say your Rip uptime is definitely too low.

    @OP: Its hard to give any tailored advice with the limited info you've given. The information is out there (read the sticky) so if you've already gone through that there isn't anything specific I can suggest without logs. My video guide does a bit different of a method of explaining the rotation so maybe that'd help you out if the whole "list priority" thing isn't clicking for you:
    In particular the Finisher & Generator usage sections are probably of interest but I'm sure the rest can be of help too.
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    Just a shot in the dark, but are you aware of the pandemic system for dots/buffs?

    Meaning you can refresh rip at 7.2 seconds, rake/thrash at 4.5, moonfire 4.2, etc?

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