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    Icc Save and 25m HC mode.

    Hee guys!

    So i got question , bin farming icc for years now for Invic reins. I only make a LK only raid caus i hate doing the first 11 ( Progressing HC raider in wotlk, done that instance to many times!)

    But i always buy an 11/12 25m HC save for 5k gold , now this is not a problem for me to keep up but sometimes i have to search for hours to get a save..

    Now i heard that if you got an 11/12 normal 10man save you can switch it to 25m HC. Is this true ? Caus i remember in wotlk that you had to kill Prof , Queen and Sindragosa HC before you could attempt HC LK.

    Is this still in ? Or do i just have to solo 11/12 HC 10man ?

    Thanks in advance!
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    ok here's what you will want to do!

    1) get a friend to clear 11/12 normal 10man with you, so he has a LK only id
    2) have him open a raid with you on 25m NORMAL
    3) you enter raid, should be 25man normal, friend gives you lead and leaves the raid
    4) you switch from 25m normal to 25m hc
    5) invite some people or do lk solo if you can!
    6) collect mount

    your friend can extend the raid logout every week so you can do as many lk kills as you want as long as your friend's char never kills lk with it so the ID remains at 11/12

    you can do the same to farm other mounts too, i'm doing it with al'akir, ultraxion, Lich king, Yogg-saron
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