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    Patch 5.4 PTR - Build 17227

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    nice hunter glyphs.. srsly? :<

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    ugh want the hearthsteed, and Mushan

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    I'm glad they're baking in the Lightwell glyphs, they were essentially required before.

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    what an unwarranted nerf to starfall :/

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    You're Doing it Wrong (New) Successfully complete any of the Basic (Silver) trials at the Proving Grounds, while in a specialization not suited for it. Account Wide.

    Oh, I'm so getting Tank training with my warlock :-D

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    Wait, Renewing Mist won't generate Chi?

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    Ugh, spoilers! Now we know what the Winter present is! On the plus side it sounds awesome.

    Did they revert and unnerf the Paladin mastery absorbs for EF?

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    Still no nerfs to disc pvp. Next season is going to be as shitty as the current if not even more shit...

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    So they took away or nerfed all the chi generation and increased all the mana costs of things by triple. Wow doesn't that sound like a fun class I chose to play!

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    Is that disengage out of combat ?

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    That loading screen is really neat. Symbolizes Garrosh and his taint staining the name of the Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuken View Post
    Is that disengage out of combat ?
    lovely !


    Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent

    Hope this is not the Garrosh HC only mount ....

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    Man, they are just hellbent on making me want to bench my warlock in this patch xD

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    Soul Swap (Affliction) For 6 For 3 sec afterwards,

    Soooo after the GCD you have 1.5 seconds to react. Uuumm no one at blizzard sees a problem with this? I'm not a big fan of twitch based MMOs.

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    What the fuck are they doing to my Harvest life :_;

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    Wow that Starfall nerf is rough. Just proves they'd rather crap on an ability rather than perfect the code for it.

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    Jesus Christ with all these new vanity items, I am already out of space!

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    Those vanity items drools, farming the shit outa that island.

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    "Use: Sacrifice 90% of maximum health to become an Emissary of Ordos. While transformed, you are hostile to all players, and killing players grants Bloody Coins. Can only be used on the Timeless Isle, and flags the user for PvP. (10 min cooldown)"

    Honestly can't see this going live. Also wondering if the Thundering Onyx or Mushan is the Garrosh mount. Either one would be disappointing.

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