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    What the flyin fuck.. "Lightspring was renamed back to Lightwell." "Glyph of Lightwell was reworked: Your Lightwell no longer automatically heals nearby targets, but can be clicked by players to restore [ 8,603 + 83% of Spell Power ] health every 2 for 6 sec."

    Why waste time, effort, money, & resources changing shit, that pretty much doesn't need to be changed 3 or 4 different times. Then waste the same shit again, changing it back, but a lil different. And people wonder why shit doesn't get fixed, just changed until it's another problem somewhere else.

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    Sick loading screen.

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    Holy pallies got slightly unnerfed... Who uses stay of execution though?

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    Pay to win here we come! I can't wait to buy gear next expansion.

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    Just what we need...more useless "vanity items" that I get to drag out of my bag and delete. How about some that we can use permanently on our gear for transmog. That's a worthwhile vanity item!

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    I don't understand Blizz's train of thought. Some of these changes drastically change the playstyle of classes in addition they should be reserved for a new expansion. What the fuck are they thinking?

    Blizz please stop gutting the warlock class, we know you don't like us but please please stop!

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