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    What i have yet seen on the ptr where is the "allie" power that they said we willget.

    We have not seen any kind of "force" or troops getting on ships to go to org or troops from the night elf or hell even the gnomes have air power. why have we allies not seen any kind of going to troops ships in stormwind, or even see from a far you see a massive ship group headed to org i know that they will be there in the raid but i mean it would be so cool if our guns are doing random shoots from the sea to org and then we see blood elf ship help out and undead... i don't trust that women any who... but we see garrosh force geting ready why have we not even started starting a base.. of any kind we can have one right next to the troll town... only for this raid after we will leave but something
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    didnt kosak say they arent on the ptr yet awhile ago?
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