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    [Resto] gem/reforge haste-cap differences

    i have read through resto druid posts and crawled through so many forums to find answers to these qns and i have failed .. badly. i hope some 1 can shed some light on them.

    spirit does not come into consideration, have found that my spot i'm comfortable with and and interested to know which gives me the best output. assuming now that with items and gems i have i can hit any of these builds if i wanted to.
    i generally run sotf and hotw.

    1. gem int>mastery and 3043 haste cap

    is this really the best way to go ? .. .hard gem int into red, int/mastery into yellow and get ur spirit to a comfortable level.
    seems to be the mantra all the guides i've read are chanting.

    2. gem stack mastery and 3043 haste cap ( this is currently what i'm doing and its not impressive at all )

    us.battle.net /wow/en/character/thaurissan/Spank cute/advanced

    24.8k int
    13k spirit
    12.3k mastery

    3. gem stack mastery and 6652 haste cap

    4. int>mastery and 13163 haste cap

    i have seen it brought up time and again, either go for 3043 or 13163 and that its better to stack int>mastery if ur gear set is unable to reach this
    i have seen alot of high end druids opting for the 3rd cap now as well.

    advise would be deeply appreciated, with my current setup i could reach any of these build / haste caps with regem/forges and i'm not mathematically gifted enough to theory craft this out myself.

    sorry for the bad english

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    Your doing it right for your gear level at the moment, int>mastery is only applicable at a one for one comparison so in terms of gems mastery gems are better than int gems. Don't worry about the 13163 haste cap until you get some more heroic gear.

    So at your gear level

    3043 haste
    Spirit until comfortable
    Mastery in yellow sockets
    Mastery/spirit in blue
    Int/mastery in red

    Is the way I would gear

    Finally, never apologise about your English if its your second language, you know at least one more language than I do.

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    Migraine has it right on all counts - don't worry about the 13k haste breakpoint unless you rocking plenty of heroic gear like 545+ gear lvl (or wait till new gear in 5.4)

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    What everyone else has said, Migraine has it right.

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    While I think the way you're gearing now is likely the best way to go, you may be interested to know you can barley hit the 13163 breakpoint. You'd lose 6494 mastery, 2604 spirit and 980 int to hit it.

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