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    Not really unless they raided with us in the past(guild has been around since WotLK)

    I came back at the start of tot and when I got to about 500ilvl they started bringing me in for farm. Sitting at 533 now and we are 9/13 and not a single case like mine has happened since.

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    Mine used to do the same thing. Worst case scenario if a farm boss just wouldn't die they'd just swap a few back out. Not a big deal.
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    My raid team only looks for people who already have a suitable iLv. We don't really check the gear of sub-ins (only requirement is to have a mic/headset, although we did take a 485 lock once who we had to replace because of low dps on Lei Shen), but we do enforce gear requirements for joining the team.

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    Yes, then they end up being douchebags and get kicked or end up leaving.
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    We do exactly as OP described, except we strike a balance between HOW undergeared are the recruits, and how many to take. If the recruits are not that undergeared (at least 530+), then we can afford to take like 5 of them (which is pretty much the maximum amount of undergeared recruits we have online each raid night. If lower than 530, then we take something like 3 (or 2)

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    In 25s it's easily doable by carrying them through the HC content. Yesterday we pulled my 503 geared Warlock alt (that I will reroll to) from Jin'rokh to Dark Animus HC without an issue. Today we'll clear Qon/Consorts and then see how I do on Lei Shen. I'll probably be needed for my gateway. We had several other undergeared toons, being less than 530 ilvl, and it still wasn't an issue.

    10m is a different environment for that obviously.

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    From previous experience generally subbed into farm bosses and then replaced if they are seriously underpar. This means looking at their whole logs etc to see if they are genuinely doing what they can do with their gear (ie if their general breakdown was the same as someone else playing their class)

    Even Jinrokh's heroic Ionisation will kill a player in less than ilvl 500; my last guild had to cycle cooldowns every time on an undergeared shaman that, basically, was not doing even the minimum of healing he could do and that's a lot of extra work and you risk losing another player if you need to think that much about it.
    My general opinion on it is that you took someone on that you knew was undergeared and that person has to prove to you as a group that they are worth it - I'm personally about to be in this boat and move to a guild vastly ahead of me and I hope I don't fulfill my own statements!!
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    Back in T 14 we mixed alt and main raids So everyone had gear.

    As of now, we are all pretty much 100% BiS (ilevel 551 atm) so anyone who needs gear we just throw it at them. I'm only waiting for my heroic Tf vodo then I'm hanging up my main until SoO

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    You should be able to maintain a core team of experienced players to do the difficult tasks, depending on wether you are 10 or 25 man. Gearing up recruits is easier in 25 man, but should be easy enough in both. Make sure recruits are asked to read up on tactics, watch your kill videos etc. And then let them ask questions, make them understand that it is perfectly fine, and much to be prefered, that they ask when in doubt.

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    Alt runs are probably your best bet, but if you have people leaving the guild because you wipe on the "harder farm content" when knowing full well that you're bringing in an undergeared recruit... I have to question the motives of those people; they probably just want 13/13H and then will look elsewhere. If you know you're bringing someone undergeared to a farm boss, you have to expect that said farm boss might not be so easy as usual to compensate for the new person.
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    My guild suffered from regearing players all tier. We had full cleared 12/12N since the first or second week and at the start of heroic progression we lost probably 3-5 core raiders and since then it's just been a trickle down effect of 1-2 here or there. We've stabilized since then but it damn delayed our progression by at least a month.

    What did we do? Regear them. Keep clearing normals for a few more weeks even though we had been done.
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    My guild Join with them in raid finder, some people atleast, And then they run Normal mode of the lower tier raids. So to prefer a low geared person to throne of thunder, Make them Do raid finder and then Heart of fear

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    unless they show exceptional ability at low gear levels we do not do so.

    part of the recruitment process for us is finding players that are able to play at or above our current level.
    taking in undergeared players who have not put in the effort to gear themselves is of little benefit to us.
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    If over 490 ilvl we take them to the heroic raid, if they are skilled but low dps due to gear we keep them and run them thru the heroics as normal, but we never take more than 2 at a time.

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    Depends how undergeared? Else we expect them to work through Looking For Raid until they reach a suitable amount of equipment for ToT normal, since we run 25 man, then we can just sneak them into the group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerotic View Post
    I'm currently in a guild that just brings in whoever that needs gear for farm bosses and I believe it's part of the reason why we occasionally wipe on harder farm bosses like Durumu and/or DA and losing good players due to those wipes. I'm just wondering, how does other guilds gear undergeared players? do they choose individual player's needs over not wiping on farm bosses?
    Depends on whether its a 25 man or a 10, but in our 25 we have carried as many as 5 people through normal modes to gear them, its paid off when we need a couple bodies on our heroic progression nights.. We also run 10 mans on weekends, even with 5 alts helping with 5 mains, we can typically get through the place.

    Our guild had to start from scratch this patch after server transferring and recruiting a couple tanks still in blues. We split our 10/12 people into two groups and basically had to carry 5 others in each group until we had our numbers up. Made for a slow ride early on but gearing people is a must if you're thinking long term.

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    If you are running 25 man and have 8 new recruits sub in 3-4 of them for a boss. Try to bring in 1 person that needs 1 piece of gear (i.e. not all clothie casters). If you bring in 8 ppl with low experience you are going to wipe and even when you kill a boss not all of them will get gear or even most of them.

    If you are running 10 man bring in no more than 2 ppl.

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    We bring them to most of the heroic kills and give them loot no one else wants (part from alt/os ofc), we usually have 10-15 alts on our mainruns anyways part from on leishen and ra-den

    obviously different during progress.

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    I'm one of those undergeared ones in my guild right now, and I'm no where near close their DPS as of now. Still brought been brought and killed all HCs except DA and Lei Shen that they still progress on.
    My gear is pretty horrible with ~505ilvl or something.
    How else would you gear recruits? And if it's because of them you're wiping, and not because of their gear, then maybe you should considering failing their trial.

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    The first thing is to find out what they are doing to try to gear up. Are they checking the AH for those craftables? Are they VP capped on Tuesday (if not and it's NOT raid night... why bother with them). If they don't put in their own effort, you shouldn't either.

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