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    Pretty much what has already been said: there are so many characters that have a ton of story to share, but only so many resources to spend on creating them. Don't worry, with all the stuff she's been doing recently, I wouldn't think she'll be ignored for much longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    Sylvanas is never lazy! She is just NOT inntresting about landing to MoP island or about MoP. So we can just wait, when she do actions again!...
    Actually, as an alliance you save little panda children from some forsaken who are doing realllllly dastardly things to them, saying things like how it's all in the name of their dark lady. The pandaren children are crying to you and whatnot. There's demon summoning.

    I agree with above poster: she's def becoming a lich queen.

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    She's being built up for something good.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    Believe me Alliance peeps, I understand where your coming from with your unused faction leaders. It's one of the reasons I play Horde. Worgan lore seemed thrown together to me with no chance of expanding on it. More then any race, they felt like they were there because they needed a new race. The entire 'vast population protected by a wall against every apocalyptic scenario up till now' thing seemed stupid to begin with.

    It's also no fanboy crush on Sylvanas either. It's just how they played it up to this point I felt like we should almost be holding Sylvanas back from Garrosh. It's been obvious that she's detested him. To have her not here up to this point is weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcbert View Post
    There were some high tensions in Cataclysm between everyone's favorite Banshee Queen and Hellscream. However, his recent shift in what he deems 'honorable' might have grown to include the Valkyrie and plagues.

    I kept waiting and waiting for her to be tossed in the mix and see which way she sides. Honestly I don't think the writers knew what to do with her. With all that at's stake and Sylvanas' personality I doubt she would just sit it out. I thought we would here from her around the time the escalation with the Blood Elves occurred.

    So do you think that her absence is just lazy writing? It's been my major lore qualm this expansion.
    If sylvannas isn't in the picture you can blame the Chinese, literally.

    The Chinese have a big problem with desecrating the remains of their ancestors and that is her MO. If you think that would never effect Mist of Pandaria consider that a while back in Wrath when Blizzard first got the permission of the Chinese government to allow Wow in China they made a specific model for Marrowgar that no longer showed any bones and was just an enlarged Forsaken Torso. Mist of Pandaria's theme is centered around Chinese culture so the undead, Forsaken and any wannabe Lich Queens will have to sit this one out because it really isn't any of their beeswax.

    Personally I never liked Sylvannas because she was a Dreadlord boot polisher who has a habit of thinking she is smarter than those around her only to be backstabbed time and time again. Valimathras and Lord Godfrey both got the best of her after she thought she was the shit and she still hasn't learned her lesson. She reminds me of Cersei Lannister from game of thrones. An evil bimbo with dreams of being feared and revered by her subjects forever. Its no wonder no respectable undead characters can emerge nowadays.

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    I wouldn't call it lazy at all.

    Look at the Horde characters being developed Vol'jin, Lor'themar and to a lesser extent Baine. All three of them lack the quantity of story that Sylvanas currently has thus developing them over her is a great idea. Ultimately I don't think Sylvanas fits into the train of thought that seems to be the case amongst the Horde wherein they see it as a family of races, Sylvanas isn't exactly the best leader to show this off.
    If you want characters who's development is lazy then there's Gallywix and any non-Human on the Alliance side.

    People also seem to forget that out of all of the leaders who got story in Cataclysm Sylvanas had some of the most of any leader, she may have even been the most involved racial leader that expansion. She's not exactly deprived of lore in any shape or form.
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    Sylvanas has no stake at all in Pandaria. She only shows her token support to keep Garrosh off her back and while Garrosh doesn't trust her outright, he's in no position to give her too much grief anyway, even with old god power. Much like with Garrosh, Sylvanas will contribute to the rebellion to keep herself in the game, so to speak, but her number one concern is and always will be the Forsaken and the Forsaken only. There's not a whole of reason to involve her too much in Pandaria. That is way too far away from Lordaeron for her to be bothered, especially if she has to continue throwing Forsaken bodies at the Alliance in the process.

    Also, I bet she's more than willing to let the Blood Elves contribute out there for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlivingsoul View Post
    She reminds me of Cersei Lannister from game of thrones. An evil bimbo with dreams of being feared and revered by her subjects forever. Its no wonder no respectable undead characters can emerge nowadays.
    That's a low blow. I absolutely despise Cersei. Sylvanas I can actually live with, and somewhat like - even if she's not my favorite character.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    Sylvanas has had more development than the Alliance as a whole this expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deirhese View Post
    This. She was super developed in Cata. Other Alliance leaders combined got less screentime.
    I don't think you guys know which expansion we're in atm.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    I don't think you guys know which expansion we're in atm.
    Irrelevant. Sylvanas doesn't need development in this expansion as the story does not involve her. What stake in Pandaria does she have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anisadora View Post
    Actually, as an alliance you save little panda children from some forsaken who are doing realllllly dastardly things to them, saying things like how it's all in the name of their dark lady. The pandaren children are crying to you and whatnot. There's demon summoning.
    And as the Horde, you free Pandaren who're being forced to be laborers for the Alliance. In both cases, it becomes evident that it's the sha influencing the soldiers into abusing the natives.

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    Between Garrosh forcing her to waste her troops on a useless and failed war in Gilneas and the Undercity being on lockdown by Korkron since the Wrathgate, she's the leader least able to contribute for the moment.

    Still, it's a sign of how well crafted a character she is that you notice her absence and thus think and talk about her. Many other factions leaders are just forgotten when they aren't directly in front of you.

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    Sylvanas and the Forsaken in general got the shit characterized out of them in Cataclysm. We got some really good quests and storylines and David Kosak did a pretty good job with everything that went down in Silverpine + Tirisfal + Plaguelands. As much as I like the Dark Lady and her rotters it wouldn't really be fair if the undead hogged the spotlight for MoP as well. I'm honestly just grateful she's involved with the Siege of Orgrimmar at all, plus they gave her some pretty sassy dialogue to boot.

    I think Blizzard are saving whatever might happen with Sylvanas for a rainy day or something, be that a big betrayal like everyone is expecting or something totally different that catches us all off guard. Whenever the question of what Sylvanas is up to in the Undercity is presented to Metzen or Kosak or whoever the answer is always "She's up to something. We'll leave it at that for now". Normally Blizzard let at least a few hints slip concerning future lore developments when asked but they're being oddly tight-lipped about this particular issue. Should be good once it actually happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarathir View Post
    The worgen and draenei fans are just about ready to strangle you for saying Sylvanas and the forsaken don't get enough exposure, I bet.
    There are worgen and draenei fans? I'm pretty sure everyone in this game are Horde fans.
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    I am just dissapointed that thanks to alliance fans, we propably wont be getting "Slaughter of Korkron" scenario in Undercity from the Forsaken PoV because they would feel it to be too "horde biased" even though:

    1.) It would have nothing to do with the horde
    2.) How many scenarios are out there where you are disguised as human?
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    Damn, again a question if Blizz is lazy?!?!? Seriously she might just does not fit as much in the story as the others according to their own writing, just accept that. They can keep getting more characters involved, but why do you want that so badly?

    She will get her bits again in the next patch btw and then everyone is all happy again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngc2440 View Post
    So wait, lazy writing means Blizzard isn't expanding on characters you are interested in? Need I remind you of Lor'themar?
    Lor'themar who? But really, He is just sad that his favorit charcter is not getting to much time right now. But hey welcome to the alliance. The big " fist pumping epic trial of the high kings" for alliance was 2 senarios. So for the love of jesus rideing a robot raptor stop complaning, Lets just see how much " screen time" the alliance have resived in Mop. Varian Have gotten his fair share, Audrin have also. Tyrande had 1 senario where all she did was " oh lets attack now" Not even anything beside that. Moria, he is a good person who can be trusted, that is it. And Nothing about Velen, who was supost to save Audrin, but i guess blizzard forgot. And ofc the gnome king, who no one have seen nor heard about since Operation gnomergarden. The only one beside Varian and Audrin who had some time is Jaina pretty much

    The hordes have gotten like 2-3 times as much Lore or " action" then the alliance in MoP. So yeah, i feel b ad for all the hordes who do not get even more attention to all the charcters you want

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    This is just rediculous.

    Have you not seen the amount of work they're putting into SoO raid, and the amount of character development there has been this entire expansion? Because they miss out one character they must be lazy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukhoi View Post
    Horde lazy writing isn't real. Sylvanas is becoming a demi lich queen. Shes one of the most developed characters. Dont worry she's just lurking and waiting.
    I hope you get hit by a bus for using that stupid, stupid phrase.

    On topic, I can understand what you're getting at, OP. Yes, a lot of other leaders have needed some screen time, but the antagonism between Garrosh and Sylvanas has been among the most prominent examples of internal faction conflict since Cataclysm. I also think that with Sylvanas, it's a win-win situation for them, because the vast majority of players will continue to love her in all her Machiavellian brilliance, whether she appears or not, and almost everyone at least wants to know what she's going to do next.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunkette View Post
    Didn't help that he had Sky Admiral Warcrimes McEvillaugh flying his airship for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldscar View Post
    Sylvanas just doesn't need to be a character in every event on Azeroth.
    She does. The more Sylvanas, the better.

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