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    Your worst wow moment/mistake

    I created this thread because this ridiculous thing just happened to me. The odds of this occurring are pretty terrible, so I wanted to hear what has happened to other people.

    Anyways I will start out.

    Just now 5 min ago I was flying in Uldum, farming for my Scepter mount.
    My NPCscan goes off and has found a Mysterious Camel Figurine.
    I fly down and click it and get engulfed in this tornado.
    I cannot believe my luck.
    I had read on wowhead that there is a chance for it to drop you onto the land and kill you, so I used goblin glider as soon as I get out of the loading screen.
    I land safely in the water.
    I see the boss in front of me and Displacer Beast (a blink) towards it.

    - Here goes the mistake -

    I use nitro boots.
    These fail and throw me up into the air.
    I am out of ways of surviving a fall and die. By this, I lose the debuff that makes the boss appear.

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    I don't quite get what happened to you, honestly.

    Despite all the exploration I've done in WoW I've never seen that zone...or area.

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