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    I was playing my Mage and I thought the more health you had the more powerful you were. I gemmed and enchanted full stamina and looked for what gear had more stamina on it always.

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    When I made my first character, a Human, I came across the Crazy Cat Lady in Elwynn Forest. I saw the cat pets she sold and because I saw people riding tigers, I thought that if I bought one of those cats then I could nurture them until they grow into full ride-able cat mounts. That was the biggest waste of 40 silver I ever did. 40 Silver was a lot to me seeming as though I'd not had any more than that.

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    When I started in Wrath, I levelled my main, a TG Fury Warrior, in Battle Stance with one 2H weapon until max level. I was adamant about not going into Berserker Stance because it made you take more damage, and that made no sense to me.

    While levelling in Nagrand, I saw a Death Gate for the first time, and assumed that's where the DK starting zone was.

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    1) I was told, back when weapon skills still existed, that intelligence increases the speed at which your weapons skill up. So, as a warrior, I always wore plate int until my skill in my current weapon was full.

    2) I would spend all my hard earned money on white gear and bags. I never used the AH for a good month when I first started.

    3) On my rogue, I would stealth any time I saw an Ally... I was on a PvE server and they weren't flagged... And they were generally 30 levels higher than me at the time.

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    as a ferral druid leveling in cloth for more intel for more healing .. i reached level 48 before my friend told me hehe (in vanila)
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    Lets see:
    1. Not taking leatherworking as I read that shamans used mail at level 40, and I thought it would be useless at that point.
    2. Not taking engineering as I thought tuarens couldn't learn it as Thunderbluff didn't have a trainer.
    3. Specing into enh at first as I didn't know what to pick and increased mana seems the most useful to any spec.
    4. Not doing the quest to get the fire totem as I didn't realize how important the quest was and I already out leveled the area.
    5. Not sure if I should be healing or doing dps
    6. Trying to be a healer as enh
    7. Not specing into dual wield as there was a talent for 2H, and I had a good 2H weapon.
    8. Trying to run from stranglethorn to WPL... couldn't figure how to get past stormwind.

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    I bought a full gear set of white armor from the vendors with all of my silver and thought I was decked out.
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    [noob] dumbest thing I have done was, me and a friend that got me interested in wow, qued into a dungeon. We were both druids, I was healing. I started to DPS the mobs, and everyone else was like "WHY IS THE HEALER DPS'ING - WE NEED HEALS" and I had no idea what "DPS" meant...needless to say, I learned my lesson.

    Then me and my friend were leveling in Redridge Mountains, and had the quest to kill Bellygrub. We both were trying to kill it and we could not. 2 people - could not kill it. This was when I thought MoW was useless, didnt use DOTs because they didnt do any damage etc.
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    I went on foot from Ironforge to Stormwind through Deeprun Tram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazak77 View Post
    I went on foot from Ironforge to Stormwind through Deeprun Tram.
    That should be a achievement.
    “What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing
    hell for people who asked such questions?” - Stephen Hawking

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    I had been a member for about 3 days, and made a human rogue. I met this very nice person who knew upon the sight of me that I was new. They whispered me, but I didn't understand how to respond yet. So I was just keyboard turning back and forth, saying in /s "HELLO. YES I AM HERE."

    Otherwise, I'd do all kinds of dumb things in the beginning. use fear in a dungeon full of mobs, enchant all kinds of horrible things "for looks", get all the wrong stats on gear "for looks" and spend countless hours in the AH looking for a Panda Cub pet that would never be there due to its binding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Runecapeman View Post
    I was playing my Mage and I thought the more health you had the more powerful you were. I gemmed and enchanted full stamina and looked for what gear had more stamina on it always.
    I did this as well, but I was mage tanking one of the short raids (can't remember the name of it) and you needed to have as much stam as possible for the second it took for you to spell steal the shield off the guy.

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    I thought that players on the opposite team could see me in stealth in bg's because I assumed I'd still have my nameplate/guild floating around over my head.

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    When i first logged into wow in vanilla, i thought teldrassil was like a big piece of the world, and that the other cities must be too (though not as big as teldrassil) and that the the lands to explore were collectively smaller than the cities when you compared them together.

    This made sense cause of all the previous games i'd played and the cities seemed massive, how could there possible be more to it? I had also never played MMO's. I had ZERO sense of scale for MMO's like WoW.

    Also it probably didnt help that teldrassil is a giant tree isolated from the other lands. You can see a sprawling horizon for the other races. Not so for Night elves.

    And then i went to the mainland and discovered the map function, i was BLOWN AWAY at the scale of things. then i found out there were TWO continents!

    i did at some point travel to SW... and those of you might remember how that was done back in the day. The scenic route through IF from menethil filed with crocodiles who outleveled you, Orcs in the hills and mountains leading to IF past the big gate. Through the tram.

    That really gave me a scale of WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shroud View Post
    Thinking to myself back in duskwood "bullshit I can take this giant green lizard down".......I was sadly mistaken.
    Haha. Yep. "Hey, what's this huge chunk of the middle of the map that I haven't explored yet. OH COOL, a dragon! OH SH..."
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    I remember spending hours grinding and skinning bats in Silverpine on my Blood Elf Rogue (first toon ever, very early TBC...god knows how i ended up there lol, i was just randomly exploring).

    Felt awesome crafting the full set the white/greens from leatherworking.

    Another thing was trying really hard on my second toon (Female Orc Hunter) to get a Black Raptor from Wailing Cavern entrance, because i tought it would be able to stealth. Getting that think took the help of a really bored lvl 70 guy, a male troll rogue. Shame i forgot his name. (They were Elite back then, and heirlooms didn't exist, so chances of going there and taming one alone were slim).

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    My first character was a night elf hunter, I got lost in a furbolg cave so I deleted it and rolled a human priest.

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    *Accidentally hits / (RP walking key)*

    Spends next 2h walking instead of running while wondering why I am so slow today

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    For me it was vanilla were i created an undead rogue and I also loved to explore the places. I ran out of Deathknell and met the friendly plague dog Bane. After ressing I went to western plague lands and got killed by a bear. Having no idea how to get back after the countless attempts if trying I deleted him and made a troll hunter.

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    Me, being 8 and playing during BC.
    I somehow managed to get myself to the 40ish range and ran ZF with some randoms. After getting in the dungeon, I noticed a female blood elf in the group. So mindless me at 8 years old, types into party chat "Press 1 if u think (name of female blood elf) is hot"
    Needless to say, I was the only one who pressed 1 /facepalm

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