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    Going back and soloing Deadmines as a lvl 30...I thought I would get lots of xp because the mobs were "elite" and I was killing them by myself

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    I thought I was well off when I got my first silver and baller when I had my first gold.

    This was back in like 2.2 when I first started, or whatever patch was around in January 2008.

    I didn't think about selling greys and stuff, pretty much just destroyed them. ._.
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    - Making my first character a warrior named Guyrandom and deleting it after a Draenei Paladin in Westfall called me a noob because I didn't have mana.
    - Continuously right-clicking quickly thinking my warrior would hit faster that way.
    - Being in total awe when I first saw a Death Knight at the human starter area that offered help to complete quests.
    - Wondering where all the Death Knights were in the rest of levelling zones.
    - Avoiding Tower of Azora in Elwynn like the plague because there were lots of Gnomes in there and I didn't trust how they looked.
    - Not noticing there were 2 different continents and trying to get to Stormwind on my (then) Night Elf hunter by just going south from Kalimdor.
    - Getting the quest from Stormwind to deliver some stuff to Ironforge, not knowing there was a tram.
    - Equipping a blue Int/Spirit ring on hunter.
    - Equipping a blue +4 to all stats neck on hunter.
    - Equipping Nightblade (epic BoE two-handed sword) on hunter, and using it as a main weapon for a few levels.
    - Tried to aim my bow and holding down the mouse button expecting my character to slowly draw the bow. Saw how shots would randomly curve around terrain and home in on moving stuff and instantly relogging to make a new character.
    - Dying in Blackfathom Deeps while levelling and not being able to retrieve my corpse because I didn't know how to submerge (who knows how I managed to enter the instance in the first place).
    - For some reason I thought that boats would only travel once an hour or so. If I saw a boat depart I'd just go do something else.
    - Randomly getting on the boat to Theramore at a far too low level and dying plenty of times outside the city.
    - Had an old screenshot somewhere when my hunter was in the low 30s in Stranglethorn. Still had abilities on my bars in the order I trained them in. Had stuff like Raptor Strike, Mend Pet, Feed Pet on the 1-0 bar.
    - Dying plenty of times on the quest in Elwynn where you have to loot stuff from two NPC corpses in a Murloc camp.
    - Dying plenty of times to any Murloc in Elwynn.
    - And of course dying to Hogger.

    - Not equipping BoEs because the game warned me the item would bind to me. Figured I wouldn't be able to take it off after that.

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    Only gems the same color as the socket could go into the socket.

    Loved having like 7 Stam gems socketed in wrath.
    Always got annoyed when guides told me to put agility/hit gems in blue sockets. I never mangaged to find any blue gems with that combination. I also never wondered why I never found an item with orange, purple or green sockets.

    I also got annoyed when trying to gem my Paladin who had Blacksmithing. If red sockets require red gems, prismatic sockets require prismatic gems. That's what I thought it meant at least. Had 3 Prismatic sockets and all the good prismatic sockets I found where unique. Ended with a +all resist gem in one of the sockets.

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    Oh , I would never end if I wanted to list everything

    Talking to Warlock's Felguard saying he had epic armor.
    Running away from Undercity guards after doing the elites quest in Ghostlands.
    Making Naxx pugs at 80 not knowing about saves and saving 9 other people with me.
    Eveytime I used a certain trinket I got a mob came attacking me from behind and so on, I got rid of it because of that.

    And many many more

    EDIT: Open map, holy shit that is HUGE after a week or so, right click by mistake, what the O.O? and after sometime a friend told me how we can right click 2-3 times and get 2 worlds, oh the emotions back then.
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    What can I say, I love Female Gnomes.
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    Started an undead warrior, saw an alliance run out of undercitys main door on the road heading towards the zepplins, so after that thought undercity was a no go area, wasnt untill lvl 23 i found out it was my home city.

    Went to tarren mill, loads of world pvp...i was lvl 23 still and i stopped in front of this other player and spoke to him. Said 'Hi, you look cool, whats going on here' etc etc and he replied with some other language and not in english in chat bubbles. It wasnt untill 10 mins later when i said on voice coms..'I think im talking to a guy but he speaks dutch'....then one of me mates corrected me saying its an player of the opposing faction...we cant communicate. I felt a twat!
    Many other things too while playing back in 05.

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    I had a class-quest on my rogue at low level. The objective was to pickpocket a certain mob. I sneaked up but when I pressed pickpocket I went out of stealth and died. I tried this over and over again for atleast 30 times. Same thing happened all the time. I was so frustrated. Apparently right-clicking the mob was a bad choice.

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    Oh, also, the first time I died in a PvP encounter. I was on my dwarf warrior, around level 10-15 in Dun Morough, and I came across a level ?? (didn't know what that meant at the time) undead mage who was just wandering around on his mount. Thought maybe I could surprise him and get an advantage, so I charged in to attack him. I guess I figured maybe I could kill him with a surprise attack.

    I failed. Though I guess he probably found it pretty amusing that a random level 15 charged up out of nowhere and started going apeshit on him.
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    Leveling up my first ever toon, a tauren hunter, killed some mob in Mulgore and it dropped an strange item - a malachite - the item name was in GREEN. Must be something special.

    Keeping the auto-attack button in my action bars.

    Playing a prot warrior (first toon ever to hit max level), trying to tank instances with a mix of tank/dps gear - I thought any new gear with an armor number higher than the current one should be better for tanking.

    Spending gold to gem socketed items gained in BC dungeons (was playing at the time of WotLK), only to throw the item away 10 min later, because some better item dropped in a dungeon.

    Playing as a warrior, applying Hamstring to every single mob I fought, usually as a first move, because for some reason I thought that caused damage (like a DoT).
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    Accidentally finding Deadmines, telling my lvl 60 raiding friends about this "secret hidden place"

    Needing on everything first time I got a group for Deadmines, I didnt want to be greedy and thought the person that needed it the most would get it. (Naturally they kicked me.) Funny thing: I met those people some years later, helped them on my low level mage and they remembered the name "werent you that mage that needed on EVERYTHING in deadmines?"

    SM: Sheeping everything they tank was not hitting. Didnt know I could only sheep one thing, but wondered why the fuck the sheeps broke.

    SM: Tried to run away from mobs, my lvl 60 full epic priest friend said he never had a bigger challenge to keeping someone up as I was constantly running away from him and / or LOS

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    I rolled need on everything instead of greed, because I associated greed with something bad.

    People got pissed and I didn't understand why.
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    Hmm, I deleted my druid twice because I kept deleting a quest item which was required to unlock bear form and I didn't know I could go back to the monster and kill it again for the item.

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    On my my Hunter in Vanilla, running up to mobs and meleeing them with my DW weapons and thinking Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite were the shit. On my Mage in Vanilla running up to mobs and using melee and only using my instant cast spells, thinking I was some kind of battle melee mage.
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    Until like level 20 when someone explained it to me, I didn't equip anything that was 'Bind on Equip' because I thought you could never remove it.

    MFW I realised what it meant: ._.

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    While I was never a super-noob in WoW (I'd been playing 3D MMOs for years), I can only offer my repeated mistake from the first game I ever played at length ... and how that mistake has haunted me ever since.

    In this other game, you'd actually type chat to certain NPCs. "What is wrong?" "I can help." In their infinite wisdom, A was bound to Attack. If you did not hit Enter (or didn't hit it hard enough for your computer to recognize the fact), rather than starting up a quest dialogue, you'd vaguely whiff your weapon at the quest NPC and be pounded into a fine paste by the NPC assisted by town guards within seconds.

    To this day, one of the first things I re-bind upon playing an MMO is my autoattack key. It's now the ` / ~ key.
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    On my first Nelf, I fell off teldrassil and instead of hearth stoning back I swam for 2hours around to the docks. So dumb. =)

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    Not something I did, but something I encountered a while back.

    We went to deadmines, with us was a blood elf mage, we had to travel quite a distance to there back then, no LFD at this time.

    When we got in, the tank started pulling, and the mage would run into the mobs, and start casting Arcane Brilliance over and over again, we asked him why he was doing no damage, to which he responded "I'm healing you!"

    Yeah, apparently this guy actually thought arcane brilliance was a healing spell, was pretty hilarious
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    Been playing since early TBC and have done tons of BGs. Last night was told to take Mage Tower for our RBG team. I sat there going "WTF isnt this capping I have been heere for like 5 minutes" Then I realized you actually have to click the flags to take them in an RBG lol.

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    On my very first character back in vanilla, a hunter, I met up with four other hunters and we ran Wailing Caverns. We were probably all lvl 14 or so, but somehow we managed to get through it. No tanks, no healers, just pets. It was a hilarious clusterfuck, but we all thought we were pretty badass. Oddly enough, one of the hunters I met on that run has been my best friend ever since.

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    This was back on BC, I was questing with my first character ( Night Elf rogue) on the NE starting zone and I some how hited the keybind which makes your character do the Rp walk. I was really frustrated cause I didnt know why I couldnt move fast again and I thought it was a debuff or something. So I whispered the first player I saw and told him this: " Help me. I think someone casted a spell on me that slows down my speed and I dont know how to remove it". He laughed at me and told me that I was walking and I needed to untoggle walk. I felt so noob after that but its a great memory of my first time playing WoW.

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    i needed money real bad on my hunter so i entered Ragefire Chasm solo because the elite mobs there dropped SILVER money instead of just copper.

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    I started back in TBC and it wasn't until lvl 70 that learned how to go under water without jumping in.. With much laughter I learned this from a couple friends as I was having trouble getting to the Slave Pens..

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