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    I don't think it's just about looks, exercise will make you healthier and have more energy(once you get over the hump). Exercise being good for your health and leading to a longer life and higher quality of life isn't a stereotype it is a medical fact. A little exercise will make sure you can live longer so you can play more games.
    I had a Gym membership for a while and it did feel good to get exercise but I didn't go but twice a week I didn't have time to go daily so I gave up on it because it was eating 45$ a month to go 6 times a month. I could go walking around town when I feel like it for free or just get a bike from Good Will which I might consider. I am currently starting a new job and the whole work force is women, I will be the only guy there. I have no problem with this considering they are all mostly my age but I know I won't be having too much fun with it. I might have to look in forcing myself into a new guild or a community somewhere to get back into the swing of things.

    In the end I think it's not only just WoW but also my RL friends are slowly moving away from me, which isn't my fault it's just times change and it sucks. It still really demoralizes me overall from playing any game at all when I have no one to actually play with but strangers. I haven't really socialized online with people much in the passed year so I have gotten very rusty on trying to join a community and trying to find one within WoW is hard nowadays. Does anyone have tips on how to find a friendly community?

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    Does anyone have tips on how to find a friendly community?
    1) You have to actively look
    2) Be friendly yourself
    3) Do not be over-bearing. If you try and push someone to be more social than they feel like being, then you will annoy them.

    It's not easy finding the balance. But just keep looking and I'm confident you will. If you stop looking, then you won't find it.

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