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    Still dont get why pallys cant get the MH one, could care less for the set or feat.

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    RNG is RNG...
    I got my Mainhand Glaive during weekly runs during Cata (with random pugs), then got the Offhand while soloing it around the first 6 months of MoP.
    I would say that I ran it off and on, not every week.

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    I got them in 2 runs in a row
    For almost 8 years I obsessed over warlglaives being added to this game, then in TBC they were, then I tried for years to get a group competent enough to make it to Illidan.
    Finally when you could 3 or 2 man the place last year I farmed and after about 15 Illidan kills they dropped, one on the 16th kill, then the night of my birthday last year the other dropped on the 17th kill. It was like,... destiny. If I were a superstitious man, I'd say I totally got what I deserved because the universe loves me.

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    I have gotten 4 Main Hands Glaives that dropped for me in the past 6 weeks, I need a Off Hand .

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    Lol I got the main hand on my rogue a couple years ago and then 2 main hands on my warrior this year. Account's off but that damn offhand better start dropping when I get back. And Garr's binding FFS.

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    Ahahahahahah I love all the MH stories, because I'm in the other boat with weekly runs I now have seen 7 OH drops 1 on my rogue 1 on my warrior and 1 in my paladin friends bank and we actually had to leave 4 OH glaives with Ilidan, we let him keep the glaives and it's sad seeing it being left there wasted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyrican View Post
    many want the swords for their looks and feel it is an accomplishment to have them, even if they are soloable.

    Maybe 70% hope they will one day allow transmog of legendaries without restrictions.

    I am a supporter of allowing this only with the correct achievement AND achievement date. For all BC and Classic Legendaries, you could only set the date to the introduction of achievements end of 2009. They did a similar thing with old pvp armor, they should go with this again for legendaries...if you happen to get a legendary during the actual expansion you could transmog it. Else... keep it rare and disallow.
    Eh, I think the only restrictions they should have are on pieces that aren't in the game any more, and that should be the restriction. I don't get why they allow everyone to get the piece but only certain people to transmog it (like the level 60 PVP sets).

    Basically, if you can get it, you should be able to transmog it.

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