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    Quote Originally Posted by Baar View Post
    Experience. No replies from her. Infractions for little things while others can do as they please. Reported posts not getting anything done with them.

    I've learned to just let things go here. Nothing will change so why bother.
    Your experience is not everyone's experience. As a moderator who has been here for years I've been responsible for messaging at least 100, probably more, posters that their bans or infractions were reversed. It happens.

    We try to be fair. We're humans, and we make mistakes; that's what the appeals are for: letting us know when you think an infraction was given in error so we can investigate as a team. If it was a mistake, it's overturned and a ban is reduced or lifted. If it's not a mistake, we let you know we're keeping it.

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    I've participated in about 3500 appeals and they're all taken seriously and each one is considered. If an error was made then the infraction will be reversed. If it's an obvious violation of the rules though, it's usually left in place. Just be mindful of the rules when posting and you'll be fine.

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    Yeah, for regular infraction appeals, any mod works.

    For those trying to contact me specifically -- I've been super busy with a major project at work this week with a deadline of tomorrow (Friday), so I haven't gotten a chance to reply to some people.

    I'll catch up on everything this weekend; if I still haven't answered you by then, feel free to resend or poke me on IRC (Sunshine on quakenet)

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