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    Lichborne vs. Purgatory

    Which one should be taken for Heroic raiding progression?

    Which one is more prevalent in Heroic Throne of Thunder?

    What sort of mechanics require Purgatory?

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    purgatory.. everytime it procs it saves your life.

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    lichborne requires you to spend your runic power and gcds on healing yourself rather than doing damage. purgatory is free.

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    Purgatory allows you to "mess up". Moves stress from you to healers.

    Lichbourne allows you to prevent the "mess up".

    If you are at a heroic raiding level and your healers are fast on the heal, Purgatory might be best.
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    What about AMZ? Instead of saving yourself, save the whole raid!
    Granted, more relevant in some fights than in others, but significantly useful in the 5 hardest 25H fights this tier.

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    AMZ is definitely best for the whole raid. And when 5.4 hits it will be even better when the raid magical damage is high:

    Anti-Magic Zone has been redesigned. The talent now reduces magic damage taken in the area-of-effect by 40% for 3 seconds, there is no longer a cap on total damage absorbed, and the ability no longer scales with strength.

    But as a tank you should take Purgatory as a default because is serves as a additional cooldown that you can use to bypass some encounter mechanics with.

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    Lichborne is brilliant for Durumu to heal yourself up and get rid of Arterial cut. AMZ is nice on Iron Qon. Purgatory is great for any fights where you don't need the other two.

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    purgatory: healers are failing on you
    lichborne: bigass self heal ( withc DC glyphed heal and bubble another player)
    AMZ: biggest crap they ever gave dk maybe after patch but now its crap
    i dont like AMZ as tank and purgatory is to stressy on healers if your healers and yourself know how to not mess up you dont need it

    this is my oppinion thou
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    All 3 are pretty bad. Lichborne takes DpS and preparation for a self heal, AMZ is rather weak unless you use it as a self-CD vs. magic damage and purgatory only helps if your healers know how to deal with it.

    Pick according to fight, personal preference and raid composition.

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    AMZ is only crap if you don't know how to use it. If you know what you're doing, you can prevent tons and tons of damage with the current AMZ on certain fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teye View Post
    AMZ is only crap if you don't know how to use it. If you know what you're doing, you can prevent tons and tons of damage with the current AMZ on certain fights.
    Which is like 1-2 fights per tier and for a tank you can rarely justify going for it over the other options.
    Lichborne is just baaad - DPS loss, destroys rune cycle and healing generally isn't nearly as powerful as absorbs or a passive death prevention. As a dps there's even less of a reason to use that talent.
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    as a Blood DK tanking heroic content i take Purgatory any day. Not that i dont trust my healers i simply take it because it might occur that i get out of range or i take additional damage at some points that might get me low or eventually kill me, also this allows me to use RS more and that generates more aggro and i benefits more with damage to the boss. and incase you should die and got symbiosys onto you the heal from it is insane (purgatory keeps you alive for 3 sec after you died nomather how much damage you take) and the Symbiosys ability increases your health by 15% and heals you up to 15% aswell so dead for 100-200k damage = heal over 400k onto me pretty OP combination^^
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    I simply cannot get into the habit of using Purg. I used it early on in MSV when i was getting wrecked on emps, but that was it. Even now i cant use it. The idea of "prevents a death" means i fucked up somewhere else. Even if i was trying to proc it to avoid a mechanic I wouldnt trust it. I dont think it is reasonable to think I can get myself out of the hole I dug there using it. I can see the mechanics-cheese that is there I just can't use it properly. I find myself not using LB even though i take it (except in pvp). I think Im going to pick up purg again and try and learn it, but its hard. Its an ability that makes me feel like I fucked up whenever it goes off.

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    Well, that's just you imposing that on yourself.

    Don't think about it "oh I fucked up". There's nothing you can do if your healers don't keep you up (be it because of their failure or because of randomness) but that's when purg can give you that extra chance to survive. Don't treat it as something to use, treat it as a failsafe mechanism that gives you the chance to survive when you wouldn't have otherwise.

    And btw, if you proc Purgatory because you f'ed up, it won't save you anyway

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    Think of it this way, Purgatory is (basically) our one proactive CD of sorts. Lichborne just adds to our arsenal of reactive CDs/heals.

    I used to only run with Lichborne, but after noticing how little I could use it effectively, I switched to Purgatory. It is really nice on progression when you realize when it goes off from random gibs that you'd be wiping if you weren't spec'd into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klieren View Post
    (purgatory keeps you alive for 3 sec after you died nomather how much damage you take)
    Wish it did prevent you from dying for 3 seconds after its activation, but depending on the degree of damage you're taking, it can be broken very quickly by HoT ticks and whatnot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mionelol View Post
    Purgatory is great when you plan around it and don't just count it on it to randomly save your ass. Use it as a ghetto cd combined with Death Pact or something to bring you back up instantly, works wonder on explosive slams and stuff.
    This is primarily why Purgatory is so useful. LoH and/or a quick NS(/AS) heal also does wonders.
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    Purgatory is great for progression with those enrage kills letting you last those few extra seconds.

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    Purgatory essentially allows the raid to continue without wasting a BR early on in a fight caused by doing something bad which can change the flow of the encounter. Instead of having your group stressed out because the DK stood in fire and needed a BR 1 minute in to a fight and it has to be perfect from then on, they're back in the game if they can break the shroud with an untouched BR for crunch time.

    I feel as though those who decide whether it's a good talent or not based on the healer aren't using it to the best of their ability, especially if you're rolling Unholy or have the 2pcT15 set for Frost.
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    Well i take Purgatory only for blood, it shouldnt be needed if your frost or UH (atleast not for most fights) but tortos HC and bosses like it it can be good^^

    else i take AMZ (good raid cd if used correctly) i rarely takes Lichborne dont like the idea if i needs healing i have failed or the healers have^^ and my death coils are either loss of dps or doesnt heal enough when tanking
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    Purgatory is kind of nice to tanks on lots of fights (fail proof, 1 more try :P, can really save a raid wipe), also if you use death pact next to the proc, usually you will be just fine (need to be quick), if your raid needs a nice raid cd pick AMZ. I really cant see any good use of litchborne in pve (fights with fears?) ... you can mitigate some damage with shell and icebound but don't try to do the healers job with litchborne, if you need heals just sacrifice your pet and then heal it, or let the healers do the work.

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