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    I have never had issues with raiding interfering with my day job or indeed my studies. However, the hardest part for me is when I get messages off friends where they have decided on a spur of a moment to go out and do something which collides with a raid time. It's often put me in a rock and a hard place where you have to do a sort of compromise. However there isn't much I can say for advice as stuff like that is largely dependent on the person and what they want to prioritise first.

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    5am-9am then 5pm-9pm split shifts for me... yay no raiding for me =(
    Fiancé starts work at 2 so I only utilize those 2 hours while she's gone to really play.

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    Raid 7.30pm - 11.30pm local time, usually up around 6.30 - 7am for work. Initially I was raiding times that were a couple of hours later than this and it wasn't working so I readjusted and found a guild raiding more suitable times - bit different to uni where raiding until 2am was doable with classes not until at least 10am the next morning (or you just skip them, let's be honest).

    Best advice is find a good medium as far as raiding times go that you feel comfortable with doing while not being that tired for work then next morning and you'll be fine

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    Used to work as a teaching assistant... Back in those days (vanilla) I'd finish work at 4pm, raid around 7pm-10pm 4 or 5 times a week (including an "all day" sunday raid). Was clearing naxx40 + all previous content on off-days so enjoyed it at the time.

    I'm now 29, have a shift-work IT-Finance job, my own flat which I share with the missus etc so I raid at a pretty casual level 2 or 3 times a week with a guild of like-minded guys (and ladies) that just want to get as far as possible with very little pressure and a few laughs along the way ;-)

    I had my hardcore time in WoW, I enjoy the relaxed raids with some heroic progression and theorycrafting side of the game far more now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by savethetuna View Post
    US Military, work 7pm-7am. Yeah no raiding for me =)
    Man, when I was enlisted it was perfect for raiding (bar deployments/field exercises). Though I never worked shift, always a day hoe. 9-4 was legit, with getting up at 545 for some PT. Now that I'm out I can't raid because of work and school, lol.
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    raid 3 times a week 8-11pm thur/sun/mon
    "work" 9-5 M-F (though really I don't work that much :s )
    nps here with missus and 2 kids in tow.

    If you find it a problem then suggest you prio the work-life over wow-life....

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    Wake up at 8, work from 9 to 6, raid from 7 to 11pm or 2am.

    Take a month of half days off when a new tier comes out to poopsock progression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoRest4Wicked View Post
    Man, when I was enlisted it was perfect for raiding (bar deployments/field exercises). Though I never worked shift, always a day hoe. 9-4 was legit, with getting up at 545 for some PT. Now that I'm out I can't raid because of work and school, lol.
    I wish I had everyone else's schedule :P Figures were a 24 hour shop on the flightline so I'm ok with it for now haha
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    I work 9 to 6 mon - fri. We raid tu/we/thur from 9pm to midnight pacific time.

    Gives us time to come home and hang with the wife and kids before we sit and raid. Kid is in bed by raid time and i am GTG and free to hang with friends/Family on the weekends.

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    When I first transitioned from completing uni to fulltime work during firelands I was raiding Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon from 8-11.

    Work for me is 8/9-5/6 (flexible). Where I lived back then was a 1 hour train commute too, so I was waking up at about 6am.

    At first it was fine but trying at times, but then my guild fell apart one night and I naturally moved up to the next guild up in 25 man oceanic progression, who were instead raiding 8:30-12:30.

    It started to really hurt then, I was basically only having 3-4 hours of actual sleep every night, I managed to perservere to kill H Rag and put some effort into Dragon Soul progression, but I was starting to turn into a narcoleptic at work and it wasn't impressing many people. So one day at work during heroic spine progression I just had to say fuck it.

    For the time I was off, I kept an eye on upcoming MoP updates and logged into WoW maybe 2-3 times to talk to old mates. When I downloaded the beta for MoP and tried out a monk for an hour or two I decided that I'd come back for MoP and just level a monk up and see how I go.

    Fastforward to now, I got hooked on my monk and levelled it straight to 90, started LFR and pug raiding and eventually found a fledgling 2 night casual guild who was still pugging a few of its spots every raid night that raided 2 nights a week Sun 6-10 Mon 7-10. We found a good core in time for Throne and have managed to change from a late upstarting T14 normal clear guild to an 8/13 heroic 10 man sitting decently high on a high pop realm.

    I still work at the same place with the same hours, but live really close so I can just walk half an hour to get to work. My raiding schedule + work schedule coexist extremely well with one another and I have plenty of time to do the other things I want and get the free/sleep time I need.

    I do miss full clearing tiers early but I won't trade this stress free progression for anything.

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    Never really had anything to stop me from raiding. We plan things after people having a life that demands attention.
    We're casuals/socials using 5½ hour per week, and planning our raiddays after when people get off work, so Thursdays raid first start at 20, so people can get home, and eat before we start.
    Sunday is early. 18-21, so people can chill a bit before going to bed to survive the dreaded monday morning.
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    I have my guild set where it's pretty friendly to those who work day jobs. I originally had it set this way (end at 11 pm est) because I couldn't find a guild that ended early enough for me. I work full time night shift starting at 11:30 est. Other guildies work day jobs and love our schedule since other heroic guilds go much later. So anyways, raiding doesn't mess us up at all. ^.^
    I am a filthy casual!

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    My schedule is very similar to yours:

    Mon-Friday, 8AM-5PM. Takes over an hour to get there, so leave the house at ~6.50AM (waking up around 6.20AM) and get home at ~6.30PM.

    Our schedule raid times are Sun, Mon, Wed and Thursday 7PM-12AM. For progression we often raid the first week of heroics during the day, and then most nights/weekends also. From there most nights/weekends until the tier is over. Once it's over, usually half a night to clear each week and various alt runs if we so wish.

    Raiding behavior did change however. Get less motivated for raiding and staying up late, as I know I'll be wrecked the next day (beforehand with school and whatnot I didn't mind putting in extra late hours or being tired). Another thing is the ability to take time off during patches; how it lines up with your annual leave and if you have the hours to do so. You may not always be able to take the time off, which is different when you didn't have prior commitments earlier. I did end up having to take a break from raiding also due to time constraints.

    But you can make it work also. For me it works as I just spend the first month or two putting in the effort, and then rewarded with having a few months to relax before the next tier. It keeps me motivated to play knowing that I'll end up having a bunch of free time once it's done and likely spend less time overall (as I enjoy the challenging content, just becomes a little exhausting constantly raiding with work).

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    Won't lie, it's hard to balance raiding with a full time job. Unless you don't do much else with your free time.

    Personally I quit raiding and still hardly have any free time! Then again I play this game way too much.
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    Well, I raid Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and only til 11:00pm on Sunday, so raids really have no impact on what I can do during the day anyway. And even before when I was in a more intense raiding guild I worked literally .8 miles from my house, was like a 2 minute commute, couldn't even get through one song on the radio, so I could sleep pretty late into the morning.

    Nowadays I work from home and make my own hours, so any raiding schedule would work just fine for me since I could just plan around it anyway, and I'm up til 6am every morning anyways at this point.

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    I raid 4 days during weekdays (Monday-Thurs), 3 hours each night+bit extra by dealing with loot list and whatnot after the raid. Our raids start 22 GMT+2 time and end roughly around 01.00 GMT+2. I usually manage to land in bed 02.00am or bit later and get up at 06.30 am to start heading to work.

    I work 8 hours 5 days per week, with extra hours at home if need be.

    At first, when you start this raiding+working bit, it is all good and you get this attitude "sleep is overrated" (at least I did). After 3 years or so... Sleep is vital, if you don't want to drive to work being tired and sleepy.

    On top of that, if I have a tough day at work and then end up raiding in the evening, I will be tired as hell for the raid. It is not easy, but if you do this long enough, you get accustomed to balancing everything.
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    Worked just fine, would be home hours before raid and usually get 7h sleep.

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    I work as a Demand Planner and Business Analyst in the food manufacturing sector - I quit Uni pretty early on and got myself a job rapidly thereafter so it was almost more of a transition from school -> work where the change in level of free time isn't quite a great.

    My standard hours are 9am-5:30pm, Monday - Friday. I try and raid 4 nights per week, Sunday-Wednesday 7:30pm-midnight.

    I actually work far more than my standard hours, but given the nature of my job there is a fairly low reliance on other people so I can work at times to suit myself, so I may start at 6am on a couple of days per week and work until 6:30pm-7:00pm on raid days and later on free nights if I can't find an excuse to go to the pub.... then after a raid ends I'll put in a few hours if I'm working on a particular project.... at the moment I'm working on an ERP (IT) implementation across the group which is taking most of my daytime hours with workshops and project meetings, so I do the database admin and all the demand planning/business analysis after hours!

    I could easily raid 7 days a week and get away with it, maybe even extended weekend raids, just due to the flexibility with my job - but it'll be a different story entirely when the missus finished Uni next year! :P

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh - I also go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week, surf on weekends and go out for drinks with my mates a couple of nights per week... and am studying for some Microsoft certifications and CIMA (finance) certification. I'm greatly assisted by a sleep requirement of 3-4 hours on an average night with a lie in on a weekend
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    I work 7am - 3pm raid time is 6:45-11:00pm I'm the site supervisor and it doesn't affect me at all. I used to raid 10pm - 3am t/w/th/s it was okay lol (Asians don't sleep)

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    It all depends on whether or not your job hours carry over into your raid window or has the potential to conflict. Typically you should be able to leave work AT work and have personal time, unless your job demands it. Fortunately for me I've been able to juggle hardcore raiding with my work hours because it typically hasn't ran over the timeframe. Just be mindful that you will have less time it may conflict with other personal priorities and you just need make a decision on how you want to spend your time.

    Keep in mind that if your job starts to conflict and you can't raid THAT'S OKAY. You're not a horrible or any less of a person because you can't make raid times. I've seen so many times that people get insulted when they're denied a raid spot or a guild spot because their schedule conflicts with raiding. It doesn't make can't make the times, you can't raid...period. It just is what it can't blame anyone for not being able to make a raid. Put the job first and you'll be able to restructure your schedule if you need to.

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