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    Yep, I can vouch for this. 10 pvp guilds on my server and faction and 9 of them are trash who don't do rbgs or wpvp events. It's like people don't even fucking care anymore, not just about pvp, but about the game in general. Like they login because they have nothing better to do.

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    its just because the 10v10 bracket blows.

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    Summer, subs declining, game not being as appealing, PvP balance possibly the worst it's ever been.

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    I say this not with any high rated pvp experience (never been 2k+), but rather mid level experience in both Arenas and RBGs.

    After over 6 years of playing this game I've noticed that this game has suffer a degradation of its mid level players (1750-1900 bracket). True 1750-1900 and 2k-2.2k players just don't exist anymore, this is because over time people learned to roll with certain comps, play the ftom class, etc and Blizzard has done absolutely nothing about it. The people that played the game, learned from what they made mistakes on, tried out new things, made choices purely from their own mind not what a third party website told them...These are the 1750-1900 players that just don't exist anymore. Nowadays I find more people that either in 2k+ rating (mainly because they play one of the powerhouse comps) or not even 1500 rating. You just don't see those mid brackets anymore which causes pvp for someone like me to either be wrecking bad players or being wrecked by the top players in the world. Either way I hardly get my own challenge.

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    I don't PvP much anymore myself. I get the urge to heal BG's but then its killed because I realize that no matter how much gear I get, it doesn't feel like I am getting stronger.

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    PvP is very boring compared to other games. I dont like playing LoL but watching some of the matches is quite fun. Also the announcers really get into it and so do the other people watching if its live. GW2 tournament pvp is also very fast paced and fun to watch. Watching WoW arena is like watching pant dry. And heres a sheep, into a fear, into a hex, into a cyclone, into a half fear, into a half sheep, silence, stun, stun, silence, silence...and its over he never even cast a spell. Really people find that fun and exciting?

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    People have already touched on it.

    There's a lack of incentive to play.

    On most battlegroups almost no one queues - and when they do it's a matter of counter or be countered - and RBGs are an exploit-fest joke.

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    pvp is dead because its poorly balanced, not because of gear / gold / pets / mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by discoepfeand View Post
    No gold.
    No new mounts.
    No new pets.
    Barely any transmog gear.
    Already geared up.

    So what possible reason would people have to PvP (other enjoyment, which is why I still do it, but less frequently than when I had something to gain from it).?
    To improve, to push rating, to gain the title higher up from the one you last earned, RBG titles, RBG rating, gear alts, practice on alts, get good on alts etc.
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