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    Gear Question.

    Hey everyone. Thanks in advance for any help regarding this.

    My question is. I currently have a ilvl 516 ring with hit/exp and the animus LFR version of the ring with both upgrades (510). Im going to buy the valor points ring and replace one of these. Im a bit over the exp cap, but im not sure what ring to trade. I could lose the expertise from the 516 one and get about 70 agility or something, or, still be over the expertise cap and gain diferent secondary stats replacing the 510 one from animus. Im currently survival with crit> haste reforges.

    PS: My name is Sigui from the server Aggra, any more gear related things i could change would be apreciated. I know i have to change the boots for the Tortos ones but they refuse to drop.
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    Use the upgraded animus ring if you don't plan on upgrading the 516 one.

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    Be above hit/exp cap is quite common in this tier ;]

    You get so much exp from set chest/hands and trinket (bis) that every other piece of gear with exp is not welcome

    Use animus ring. But, in matter of fact, whatever you take difference will be minimal.

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