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    Gear question, my head hurts

    I got a few pieces of gear last night and am having a hard time deciding what to use.

    Trapordie - Sargeras (can't post links yet sorry)

    New gear:
    Saurok Stalker's Gloves (normal)
    Saurok Stalker's Leggaurds (normal)

    Keep in mind that I already have the LFR tier shoulders equipped so I only need to equip one more piece for the bonus
    Also, I am already exp capped


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    Your situation doesn't really seem ideal, but if you'd like to pick up your two piece I would probably lean more towards replacing the legs. No matter how you cut the problem, though, you will be over at least one if not two of your caps. With the gloves, you'll be 0.64% over exp cap and 3.92% over hit cap. With legs, you'll be between 1.72% and 2.19% over hit cap, and between 0.02% and 0.14% under exp cap (all based around if you use a precise, a glinting, or a delicate gem).

    Of course, you could just not grab your set bonus, but I'd suggest taking it. Personally.

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    Thanks for your input! Thats what I'll go with unless somebody else proposes a better option

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