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    Blizzcon 2013 Party?

    Hey there!

    I am heading to Blizzcon with some friends this year, we are traveling all the way from Scandinavia to see this even. and we were woundering if there are going to be any blizzcon party the day before it all starts? I have tried to look around on the net but not found anything. If anyone knows anything feel free too send me a message


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    I've been to the area countless times, although this will be my first year at Blizzcon. I am sure you don't have to look very far to find parties in the area, as long as you're staying close to one of the hotels in the convention area.

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    to expensive to ever go to blizzcon for me wish they would hold another worldwide invitational in paris again last one was 2008

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    Echoing what Tojara said, there will be tons and tons of parties. It is an incredibly large event and you will surely be able to find someone doing something.. Just look for folks dressed up
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    I'll be there. Stay with a friend friday night who lives nearby.

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    This might be worth checking out Thursday.

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