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    Disc for Brawlers?

    Topic says it all, is it possible to progress through brawlers as discipline? I'd only need to get Rank4 to get the pet. :P

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    Yes, it is; but it's easier to do as Holy or Shadow. I assume you're asking because you don't have shadow spec - if you have Holy, a quick reforge to Haste/Crit and you can pretty much just smite everything to death quite effectively. I would suggest though for ease and QoL to just go get Shadow and do it. If you can get some haste on your gear, it's pretty much GG for you in brawler's as we have some of the most powerful survival abilities for personal survival:

    Talents: Void Tendrils/Psyfiend, Body and Soul, Insanity, Angelic Bulwark, Power Infusion, Halo.
    Glyphs: Glyph of Mind Flay, Glyph of Vampiric Embrace, Glyph of Prayer of Mending.

    With this set up you can really effectively just ignore most mechanics (except the one shot ones etc) and burn down everything up until rank 4. You need to be careful and quick, kite and root and basically avoid your targets until you have three orbs, then get some distance aaaaand
    Potion, Halo, Vampiric Embrace, Power Infusion, Shadowfiend, VT, SW:P, DP and INSANITY INSANITY INSANITY. At this point you just ignore mechanics as the healing from vampiric embrace will outheal it easily. Death death. Boss is dead.

    It's actually ridiculous how easy it was for me to do Brawler's using this technique pretty much every single time. I even did this on battletron. Just popped vampiric embrace and burst his ass down using a few self-heals for the subsequent explosions and getting obscene HPS from Devouring Plague.

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    stop quoting me on football, i never read your answers. noobs.
    i tried this as a disc & just failed, so i gave up lol

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    Thanks for the tips, Deleze, I'll give it a go!
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    I think you could reach rank4 as a lvl 85, just how easy the first 5-6 bosses are.
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    I went straight to rank 7 as Disc without any difficulty, and I only quit because it got crowded and the wait was long, not because I was having trouble. I do foresee berserk timer being hard to meet as Disc eventually, but even the toughest berserk checks should be possible in SoO gear.

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    I cleared rank 7 as Holy dps, but never had the dps to burst through the final rank. This was before ToT came out so all gear was heroic T15.

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