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    Well... I don't give a rats ass if wow is dying or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorice View Post
    Well... I don't give a rats ass if wow is dying or not.
    but how could WoW even be dying when they're adding new battle pets every other day? People are obviously quitting because not enough battle pets. I can't wait for 25-man pet-battle raiding.

    I'm bitter about the waste of resources over pokemon, and it shows. But this whole debacle started when they got a whiff of those "social networking" dollars.

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    The result of 25 man serious raiding death. You have been warned, Blizzard.. =(
    Now give those casuals 5-man raids and you will see more people leaving.

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    I'm certain my opinion will just be a drop in an ocean and will be either ignored or attacked.

    Warlocks. I started to like the class this expansion and it feels like nerf, nerf, nerf. Their talent seems incapable of foresight.
    Monks. Seemed like a cool deal. They seem mediocre at best. A few things I could rock the world with.. but we aren't anything special. Their talent seems incapable of figuring out the balance.
    Warrior. I was gearing up as a tank FC. Then the nerf. Frustrating. A heads up or a refund would have been nice.

    Multi-spec. I don't see a problem with it. I'm not interested in staying BM/MW on my monk and having to redo my action bars every time I want to play WW to jack around. No thanks.

    I started in Wrath about 6 months before ICC came out. I'm what the vanilla players refer to as a "Wrath baby" -- and I assure you, it's not associated as a lovingly tone. Perhaps this game simply isn't for me anymore -- so I unsubscribed.

    I've been playing more SC2. It seems their talented developers are capable of handling a strong balance. I'm not a great player in SC2 and I have no plans on investing the same amount of time that I put in to WoW -- after my experience of the WoW developers talent's failures... I just have no interest in it anymore.

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    The skys not falling but the moon sure as hell looks closer.

    I don't think they sky is falling or WOW is dead but I do think its time for people to admit SOME THING is wrong. These random posts that say "Here we go now everyone things WOW is dead" are starting to seem like they have blinders. A game this big wouldn't die overnight and I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. But WOW is sick one way or another how many consecutive losses do we need?

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    still no merged servers. fuck you blizzard.

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    Kübler-Ross was a wise woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanction View Post
    still no merged servers. fuck you blizzard.
    That's the thing that has pissed me off as well and what's leading me to not re sub when my sub runs out on August 15. Leaving people stuck on dead servers is bs. Blizzard should of either merged servers or offered free transfers off of them long ago.

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    Nothing ever grows forever. Everything has it's own rise and fall. Not sure why people are surprised.

    Oh, ps, stop saying the game is dying. The game will only die when Blizzard pulls the plug. You will STILL have people playing to the very end. Take a look at Everquest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert3620 View Post
    That's the thing that has pissed me off as well and what's leading me to not re sub when my sub runs out on August 15. Leaving people stuck on dead servers is bs. Blizzard should of either merged servers or offered free transfers off of them long ago.
    Server Merges would be a little bit chaotic with player/guild name changes. So they bringing Virtual Realms in 5.4. I don't see where the problem is exactly?

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    The game today is too much solo and hardly any community and Blizzard encourages you to play solo. Newbies that just signed up get frustrated because they don't understand why people grind and play hard in the past when everything is served on a silver platter. People today don't look up strategies or play serious. Much of the dungeon and raid strategy is too forgiving.

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    All I can say is this.

    Those who know what I reference will get it, the rest can take it for what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donner View Post
    Server Merges would be a little bit chaotic with player/guild name changes. So they bringing Virtual Realms in 5.4. I don't see where the problem is exactly?
    They implemented the BattleTag system. They could easily get around guild name/player name issues now. Virtual Realms I think will be a flop. Anyway with the current LFR/LFD system what is the point of a guild besides a few perks?
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    This game is old. Old subscription games generally don't attract as much attention due to stale graphics. I really think there isn't much WoW can do except keep its current player base happy, hope they bring in friends, and attract ex-players into coming back for expansions.

    I didn't stop playing after 6 years because Blizzard made bad decisions - that doesn't even matter really, the game was never perfect (Not in Vanilla, not in BC, not in WotLK....). I stopped playing because I grew up. This is not me saying that WoW is only for immature people, rather I now have a wife and infant, became a lead SW designer at a science company, and cannot find time (or energy!) to keep up with hard core raiding. I truly believe many of WoW's subscription losses are for this reason. Heck, I even came back to PandaLand for 3 months and basically got as far as I could in casual content (pet master, leveled all reps, got all mounts without ridiculously low drop rates, etc.).

    Lets not pretend WoW wasn't (and isn't) a great game. IMO, it still is one of the most successful entertainment items of all time.

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    WoW is just old. Blizzard can't do anything about losing its subscribers. Still 7.7 million people playing an 8 year old game is a huge number which they really can't complain about.

    Nothing more to say
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    Although the lost of subs, then we should all be glad that Act. Blizzard finally managed to buy themselves out. That means more money can, hopefully, go to Blizzard Ent. Yay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Plastico View Post
    If they keep loosing 600k per quarter soon nobody will be left. They better get their shit together and stop shitting on us players.
    7.7/0.6/4= 3.2 years until noboby plays WoW if they drop the same speed from now on. That's a pretty long time and the game will then be nearly 12 years old.
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    The only reason me, my wife, two of our sons, and our daughter's bf don't play anymore is because of sub money... The economy is very harsh right now, and we had to cut playing about a year ago, despite all of us would rather play.

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    7,700,000.00 x ~16.00USD (after tax) = 123,200,000.00 USD/month x 12 months = 1,478,400,000.00 USD/year gross revenue...

    +millions(if not 10's of millions) more for services (Character Transfer, Name Change, Pet Store, etc.)...

    +millions more for Purchasing the entire WoW Game and Expansion Line-Up...

    Grand Total(est.): 1.5-1.6 billion dollars USD in annual revenue from WoW!!!

    So... my question to Blizzard is, why in the hell aren't you really putting a lot of development into things the people want. Like making the game more challenging, harder boss fights, less dailies and more tabards (I think a mixed of both would be awesome), fix the talent system back to Cata standards (or a mix of MoP and Cata), better lore in the expansions, bigger-better-larger-original content patches and more of them, etc.

    However, I honestly think WoW is not in any kind of trouble... from what I can see it'll still be a billion dollar 'cash cow' until they drop below 5.5 million subs!

    So unless it drops to below 5 million, I think WoW still has a fighting chance to be awesome again... provided Blizzard gets rid of the 'less talented' game designers who have ruined some aspects of the game recently.

    Apart from that, I really enjoy MoP but it seems a bit silly, I think it was original and well made, but deviated from the original WoW lore and game style. I think the boss fights are ok but not as challenging, I think there is plenty of content but not enough patches... It's a love/hate relationship with MoP for me, I still think it was much better than Cata, except for the talent system; I CAN'T FUCKING STAND THE NEW ONE!

    I hope they really put some thought into the next Expansion or I feel WoW is gonna lose the bulk of their die-hard player(s), especially me. If it's Burning Legion based and Vanilla-like talent system with harder bosses and mix of reputation grind with tabards over dailies (combination would be more fair), then I am going to be the first to pre-order it.

    Last, I think people who complain about the monthly fee need to get over themselves and go and cut someone's grass once a month for 20 bucks. All MMOs that have a free to play business model don't turn out great in the long run and content is very slow to be updated or it is never updated at all, for example Rift and Star Wars the Old Republic.

    You need a P2P business model to have a huge MMO that constantly updates with a dynamic world and also to keep up the massive network infrastructure that goes with it!

    One more thing, Wrath of the Lich King was my all-time favorite Expansion!!!

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    A few items really hurt this game:

    1) LFG w/raid support. The whole point of an MMO is building a team, working together, and make social bonds. Each guild was it's own little community, you got to know and play with the same people day in and day out. By taking a much larger community and grouping players where you wouldn't really run into them again, it compromised this pillar that kept the in game community strong and took away some of the players motivation to play. Think of it like hopping on a CoD game with a group of friends vs. random people on the Internet. Most of us will have a lot more fun with friends.

    2) Building on above, Blizzard not addressing server population imbalances really hurt as well. You can't have those strong communities that help keep people attached to the game if there isn't a large enough pool of players to support it. Again, this erodes community that is key to a successful MMO. A strong community is everything to a MMO.

    3) Blizzard's anti-player changes. Personally this was the straw that broke my back and made me quit. I quit when those clowns at Blizzard made me pick between raiding with friends and raiding with my guild. The shared lockout absolutely destroyed any fun I could have in the game. I used to raid 25 mans in a semi-hardcore progression guild (11/12 HM ICC). I also used to love to do 10 mans with IRL friends. When they introduced the lockout and forced me to choose one or the other I said screw it and just quit altogether. I know they were trying to address people "feeling obligated" to run 10/25 man raids for loot for progression. However they could have addressed it with a simple "if you killed the boss this week, you aren't eligible for loot for killing the same boss again this week". There, now people aren't "feeling obligated" to raid 10/25 both, yet still allows the player to play the game as they like.
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