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    Unhappy Diablo expert please help!confusing DPS?scam?

    i bought an item in the auction house
    stats: +71 dexterity
    +120 intelligence
    +22 resistance to all elements
    critical hit chance increased by 6%
    empty sockets

    previous item
    name: FLAST CREST
    stats: +48 strength
    +156 dexterity
    +71 resistance to all elements
    +202 armor
    health globes and potions grant 11680 life
    empty socket +14% life

    before i bid the first item the STAT CHANGES IF EQUIPPED: -703 LIFE
    +8020.4 DAMAGE

    i was excited to see my DPS raise, and i replaced it with my old helm, but just before i did that i check the stat again inside the game in the inventory

    -7110.1 DAMAGE

    I was devastated as i spent quite a lot of money to bid this item, am i missing something here or it's a bug?? or is it a scam??

    Please help!!!

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    First: what class do you play? can you link your character?

    Second: if you used a dex helm, why would you have bought an INT one? again, knowing your char would be a lot of help.
    Why worry about the future when you can just asfatatotl.

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    It's done this to me before. It may have something to do with the passives on Demon Hunter (presuming that's what you are). I just got on mine and looked at some items in-game: without Sharpshooter, they would be -6.5k, -12k if I used them. With Sharpshooter (at 100%), they changed to -12k and -14.5k. From the Auction House interface those same items showed at -5.5k and -10.8k without Sharpshooter, and -5.7k and -11k with Sharpshooter.

    If you have Lyndon or Eirena with you and took their crit/attack speed auras, that could further skew your numbers in-game. With Eirena as my active follower with Focused Mind, the numbers in-game went to -6.7k and -12.5k without Sharpshooter, and -12.3k and -14.9k with 100% Sharpshooter. The Auction House interface numbers stayed the same as when I had Kormac selected.

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    possibly something to do with crit and dex. that with the buffs you have ingame make dex more worth than crit. And since you didnt have those buffs in the AH it showed the crit helm as higher. And ingame when you had buffs. the high dex was more worth in dps

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    After standing still for 30 seconds you'll have 100% crit in the game.
    It means that 6% crit on item would not be calculated properly while you are in the game.

    Auction house comparison ignores this passive so it shows dps change correctly.
    Disable this passive and compare 2 items again.

    The one you bought is slightly better dps wise. It won't be +8k dps in average, but it is still not bad.

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    why even use sharpshooter?? it's such a useless passive unless you just like to see high sheet dps

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    Quote Originally Posted by theburned View Post
    why even use sharpshooter?? it's such a useless passive unless you just like to see high sheet dps
    I guess he likes to see high sheet dps.

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    Yes my money would be on the crit passive.

    Without crit passive ie AH comparison the helm with 6% crit chance is most likely more DPS to your character.

    With Crit passive on in game if you are already at 100% the extra crit on helm is meaningless meaning you are losing DPS from less dex. However overall you are probably better off with the crit helm.

    Usually if you did want to use your crit passive you are better off not over stacking CC but getting more AS. Mempo can do this for you cheaply if you don't want the crit.

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