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    Secrets of the first empire

    So I cleared tot lfr and a bit of tot normal this week, and only after that I got this part of the legendary questline.
    I looked up info on it and I never found the answer to my question.

    So, if I cleared tot lfr before I got the quest this week, can I still get the Secrets of the empire for re running it? (I know I will not get any loot/bags)
    I was in the same spot when I did toes and got my last sigil.... xD But the item still dropped from the Sha of fear when I re ran it.

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    I'm fairly sure you can't. The reason the Sha item still dropped was because it drops off of Sha himself whereas the Secrets are part of the boss' loot table.

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    No you cant. As far as I'm aware these only drop from your first kill (barring coins) of a boss in any mode during a week.

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    As far as i know it's the "first kill since you picked up the quest", so i would assume it works and you can do this yes.

    Since Lei Shen is a 100% drop nowadays, you can queue for his LFR first to be sure.

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    You cant, just ested this last week on my alt. Had Cleared all the wings on lfr, got the quest to collect secrets and queued for lei shen, but he didint drop the secret.

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