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    Trouble with Nibbleh Brawlers

    Hey everyone,

    I've recently been having a go on my warrior at Nibbleh but I am really struggling to beat the beserk timer (the rain of fire one-shot). My best attempt has been 5% and that is with almost optimal buffs save a blessing of might buff, with perfect spit pathing. I cannot expect this level of perfection each attempt so I'm looking for dps tips on this guy. I will link my armory, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Ratdog/simple

    For now, I am going to continue farming secrets for the legendary meta, i need 7 more. I wont make any further attempts unless you guys can reveal an excellent way to increase my damage to the degree of buffs unavailable, I will wait until the meta or more gear. An added note, I have no 2-handers above 502 ilvl. Thank you.

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    Toogle your walk key (by default / on numpad), hold S and do your rotation. Is THAT simple. While walking backwards (and NOT running) you both run at the same speed, so it boils down to either having enough DPS to beat enrage or not having it. Also remember to double pot.

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    I just killed Nibbleh! I was doing the RP walk method well before I posted but you gave me inspiration again and I killed him just as berserk killed me LOL woohoo

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