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    Wargame vs. the Blizzard community manager team on the tournament realm.

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    The CMs sure do know how to have fun in the game.
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    Thats how I feel playing hunter/demo combos
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    What is the point of the wargame?
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    What is the point of the wargame?
    surely not to have fun if that's what you're thinking..

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    pretty funny. I wish gms and cms would fuck with players more often.

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    that looks fuckin awesome.

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    I bet this is how they test PvP balance too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripley6174 View Post
    I bet this is how they test PvP balance too
    First I lol'd.

    Then I cried because it's probably true.

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    I feel sorry for those who played against them and don't have a really good pc. The lagg in that video is just...ugh.

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    That lag gave me a headache

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