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    Well said OP. You simply nailed it.

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    There are so many reasons who can affect subs. There is economy, competition, MMO market trend, state of the game, socialization within the game (ex: if friends leave, less interest to stay), etc.

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    Yeah, where were you guys when we lost subs in Cata when things were hard?

    Difficulty was always the acceptable scapegoat for sub losses.
    But when they've completely removed that with LFD/LFR and faceroll dungeons?
    Then shit! It could be for millions of other reasons that suddenly exist after the game has been nerfed!

    Fucking so tired of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    The people who willingly follow every whim of Blizzards are the ones who are at fault. The ones who question their crap logic or decisions are the ones that want the game to continue on and get better.
    That's not entirely true, and you know it.

    There are some people like that on either side, sure. Many of those that question Blizzard do so due to simple hate, not through a desire to see the game improve. But, most people like that really do want it to improve. The key thing is though, each person wants it to improve in areas they themselves enjoy and usually ignore other things or don't care what it does for the rest of the player base.

    Whereas those that might not agree with the people above, they more often than not are simply enjoying the content so see nothing wrong with it. It doesn't occur to them that others might not. So, they see each other as being wrong about the game when really, they are both kinda right. But only with regards to how they want the game themselves.
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